Conditions of Hire and Use



If the hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following conditions, please consult the Booking Administrator at


Booking Conditions


The hall will not be hired to persons under 21 years. Parties for those between 13 – 21 inclusive are not permitted. Dog training classes are not permitted.


The period of hire booked shall include for setting up and clearing up after use. Functions must finish and the hall vacated no later than 23:30 hours.


Before a booking can be accepted, the hirer must agree to abide fully with all these standard conditions of hire & use. Failure to abide by these conditions may at the discretion of the hall management committee prevent the hirer from being able to hire the hall again.


The hall has a Chiltern District Council Premises Licence No. 10/00163/LAPRE. In order to respect the neighbours and reduce disturbance the licence requires that use of the grounds outside the hall must finish and all doors and windows closed by 22:30. Only plastic drinking vessels may be used in the grounds. Alcoholic drinks must not be sold on the premises without a Temporary Event Notice which must be obtained from Chiltern District Council.


For parties and occasional users, payment of the full hire fee is required in advance at the time of the on line booking by credit or debit card


Hire chargers are as published on the hall’s web site These may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the hall Management Committee. The reduced rates of hire are only for the benefit of Residents of Winchmore Hill and shall apply only to bookings taken from persons who live in Winchmore Hill as defined by the Chiltern District Council’s - Penn Street & Winchmore Hill (No. 1) Polling District.


General Conditions


The hirer will during the period of hire be responsible for supervision of the premises, the fabric and contents. The hirer or suitable adult must adequately supervise children at all times on the premises and in the adjoining grounds. On no account should children be unsupervised in the kitchen.


All windows in the main hall to the left of the entrance are locked shut. When music and amplified music is being played in either hall and the hall grounds and/or when a public address systems is used the noise levels must be controlled by the hirer or entertainer to reasonable levels to respect the neighbour’s privacy.


The HIRER must take action to ensure that the vehicles of all those attending the hall do not park over white lines at the crossroads, nor across the entrance gateways of adjoining properties or on the common opposite the hall.


Smoking is not permitted in the hall and is banned by law under the Health Act 2006.


Decorations, balloons or notices must not be put up on the walls or painted woodwork. They may be placed on the white boards provided they are cleaned up afterwards. Decorations may be hung from the roof tie beams, but must be removed at the end of the hire.


For the benefit of subsequent users the room thermostats, radiator thermostats and the heating system controls and boiler must not be interfered with.


The Winchmore Hill Memorial Hall Management Committee will not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal or group property whilst in the hall or left on the premises.


Bouncy castles, disco's, entertainers, magicians etc are only permitted in the hall or outside on the surrounding land provided the hirer or entertainment provider has their own Public Liability Insurance to cover for that element of the event. A copy of the policy may be required at the time of using the hall. All commercial hirers must carry their own Public Liability Insurance for their use of the hall.




Fire and general safety


All hirers or their nominated representative shall make themselves aware of all safety and fire notices displayed both inside and outside the hall premises and in the storage cupboard. Hirers or their nominated representative shall be responsible for providing warning in the event of fire and safe evacuation of all personnel in the hall through the designated fire exits. It is suggested that at least one mobile phone should be available at all times during the occupancy of the hall.


The use of portable gas appliances and candles is not permitted in the hall except for birthday cake candles which must be used under the supervision of an adult. Only the use of the electrical extension lead provided (in table storage cupboard) is permitted. No multipoint adapters are permitted.


All hirers or their nominated representative shall ensure that the main entrance door to the hall and the fire exit door from the ladies toilet are unlocked at all times the hall is occupied.


The external area outside the kitchen is not to be used except in an emergency.


All accidents must be recorded in the accident book located in the cupboard over the cooker.




Hire charges will not be refunded for cancellations made 14 days or less before the date of the booking.

In the event of the hall becoming rendered unfit due to unforeseen events, the Winchmore Hill Memorial Hall Management Committee shall not be liable for any consequential losses. It may or may not, at its absolute discretion, refund sums already paid for the booking.


Vacation of premises


All general rubbish & paper from PARTIES must be removed from the hall & taken away completely from the premises by the hirer.

It MUST NOT be left in or beside the BLACK wheelie bin. Used disposable nappies MUST be taken away from the premises.


EMPTY drinks cans, glass, plastic bottles & plastic containers (but NO PAPER) must be left only in the BLUE recycling wheelie bin.


On vacating the premises the hirer is responsible for the following:-


  • The halls, toilets & kitchen floors must be swept clean with any spillage mopped up. All tables and the white boards to be wiped clean. The building must be left clean and tidy ready for the next user. If NOT LEFT CLEAN & TIDY additional charges may be made. Minimum additional charge £20.00.
  • Chairs & tables to be returned to the positions at start of hire. See photographs located around the hall.
  • All lights and the cooker to be switched off.
    • Damage, faults and any breakage to be reported to The Hirer will be responsible for replacement or the cost of replacement or repairs.
    • All windows to be closed and committee room double doors and ladies toilet door to outside locked. Lock Main Door.
    • RETURN the KEY to the KEY SAFE and reclose & scramble code setting. Failure to return the key will incur a £20 penalty.
    • Please leave quietly.


For further information about the hall visit


Issued 1st March 2017