Westbury Parish Council represents the village of Westbury and its 180 households.

The Council comprises of 6 Councillors at present, including the Chairman and Vice Chairman. The parish clerk is the proper officer of the council, providing advice, administrative support and taking action to implement decisions.

 Parish Council meetings are open to the public and are held in the Village Pavilion at 8.00pm on the second Wednesday of every month (with the exception of August). The public do not have a right to speak when the council meetings are in session unless invited to do so by the Chairman but public comments are taken before the meeting commences. Members of the public may also speak after the meeting including matters relating to items on the Agenda.

 Westbury is fortunate to have a number of facilities which are owned and managed by the Parish Council, these include: the playing field, playground and the Pavilion (village hall) which is managed through an agreement with Westbury Sports and Social Club (WSCA).  In addition the Parish Council is responsible for providing and ensuring a range of services to the village, these include: grass cutting, dog bins, street lighting and responding to the District Council planning applications within the parish.


 The Parish Council Team

There are six members of Westbury Parish Council 

Councillor and Chair – Mr Derek Crane
Councillor and Vice Chair – Vicky Webb
Councillor James Stone
Councillor Sue Barrett
Councillor Alison Boughton
Councillor Tom Thompson

Parish Councillors do not receive any payment for being elected Members and offer their time voluntarily for the benefit of the local community.

The Clerk to Westbury Parish Council is Cathy Knott.