Events at Recent Meetings

Visit to Westminster Palace on Saturday October 29th 2016



Notes from The Meeting on Tuesday april 19th, 2016.

Mike Mcdonald opened the meeting by paying a tribute to the memory of Kenneth Arton who died 2 weeks ago in Wexham Hospital. Ken had spent his life involved in Village Affairs and will be sorely missed.

Approval was given to the Annual Report and Financial Report of the previous year.

Members were encouraged to attend the meeting of the NHS Trust that will be held at the Community Centre on Tuesday A[pril 26th. This should provide some clarity to the future of the local hospital and Helath Centre.

The Local Plan was discussed and it was reported that over 6000 responses had been sent in by local residents. 

The prospect of a Community Bus was discussed and the idea will be taken forward.

One Member raised the election of out local police and crime Commissioner. Very little background
has been received . Mike said he will investigate.

JEANNE Hughes of  Bucks Stroke Support then spoke. She emphasised the range of support
available in the recovery stage after a stroke, the illness and risk factors were defined including the TIA category of attack. Questions were taken . It was emphasised that High Wycombe Hospital was the Stroke
Treatment centre for Bucks.

The lottery was drawn and the meeting closed at 1200.


 A Visit to the BBC, March 2015.



Visit to Chenies Manor on 10th July 2013

Chanies Manor Visit


Jean Priestly Retires

Farewell to Jean

Jean Priestly (on the left) founder Member of Vopag and latterly Treasurer bids farewell
to Chairman Mike McDonald and secretary Stella Ellis.  They gave Jean a picture
of the Village as a memento of her time with us.


The first four pictures below are from the July 2011 meeting and show our chairman greeting Martin Tett, leader of BCC, (who spoke against the HS2 project), a general view of the meeting, and two supporters of the anti-HS2 campaign.

The pictures below those are from the 'Body and Mind' meeting held at the Community Centre in July 2010. 

  That meeting was well attended and numerous stands were set out offering helpful advice to Vopag members.  The picture of our Chairman (Mike McDonald) interviewing Ann Mitchell was all about Ann's views about how to reach the age of 91. The picture of Mike holding a cheque illustrates the donation received by Vopag from The Buckinghamshire Community Association for £1000.   The picture taken in the grounds of the Community Assoc. shows two Vopag officers with two ladies from Chiltern District Council (who support Vopag).  Other pictures show a general view of the seated audience and a small selection of the many stands.


general view of meetingMartin Tett addressing meeting

Two protesters about HS2Chairman greets Martin Tett

Pension Service StandGeneral View of the MeetingHelp-for Housing-Repairs standCheque for £1000 to Support VopagMike McDonald Interviewing Ann MitchellAge Concern StandGive-It-A-Go StandTwo Ladies from CDC (The CDC supports Vopag)