Golden Age Roadshow

At a recent meeting of VOPAG, David Gardner (Chiltern District Council) and his team (including other representatives of Public sectors) gave a presentation relating to matters of concern to older persons, particularly the availability of social services, developments in the NHS, and the dangers from unscrupulous traders.  He called this presentation the 'Golden Age Roadshow', and he plans to repeat it at other venues in the near future. The following is a synopsis of the presentations....

Rogue Traders and Doorstop Selling

Sarah Stevens gave a lively account of the dangers posed by rogue and 'cowboy' traders, which appears to be a particular problem in Chalfont St Peter. She spoke of the need to keep a chain on the door (if even opening it), and of not letting traders inside the house, nor going outside to speak with them. (a good 1st line of defence is the notice, distributed by police/neighbourhood watch, 'We do not buy or sell at this door') . She especially asked all of us to report instances of pestering by unwanted traders to Trading Standards on 0845 404 0506 or the police on 0845 850 5505.  BCC publish a guidebook of approved traders and there is a website at  More information can be found by Clicking Here.

Social Services 

Karen Adamson gave a presentation about Home Loans and the facilities offerred by Age UK, Bucks. This was preceeded by the circulation of a short quiz sheet (click here to see). Home Loans are available for any over-60 home-owners and are not means-tested.  Interest is charged currently at 3.5%.  More information is available  - Click Here.

Age UK Bucks (formerly Age Concern) provide information about welfare benefits, advocacy and much else besides.  More information is available, Click  Here.

Health Matters and Bucks NHS

Deborah Saunders is a lay executive member of the BPCC and she described herself and her role as a 'professional Awkward Patient' .  She gave an account of some of the pending changes to NHS organisation, and of how attempts are being made to enhance patient participation and 'putting patients first'.  Many more details of the work of NHS Buckinghamshire can be seen by Clicking Here.

 Exercise for the Elderly

Natalie Davis described the classes and sporting facilities avaialble at Nexus for the over-50's. These include swimming, Tai Chi and Pilates, badminton and short-tennis, as well as seated exercises for those less mobile.  More information here. 

 Loan Sharks

Please help stop the vulnerable swimming with sharks…

CDC community team, working with our many partners including the County Council and local community organisations are developing work to bite back against loan sharks. If you would like to know more and or get involved with a project in your community which would help to heighten awareness please contact me or the LIAISE officer at - details below..

Lin Fisher
LIAISE Officer - Lead in Advice, Intelligence, Support & Education
Illegal Money Lending Team, England.
Tel: 07825904587

Stop Loan Sharks Team - Trading Standards
PO Box 12971
B33 3BD

More Information here.






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The Grange .... Maureen Marsh

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