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The Theatre Group aims to provide regular monthly trips to the theatre to see a wide range of plays, dramas, comedies and musicals. We try to use local theatres (eg in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Oxford and Milton Keynes) as much as possible, but occasional trips further afield (eg London) may also be included.

The choice of event will be made by group members. The dates and costs will be subject to booking arrangements.

It may be possible to arrange for the group to read some plays before attending the performances, but the availability of scripts confine that to an occasional basis only.



 The Moderate Soprano

3 May 2018


The Best Man

24 May 2018











Costs will vary from event to event, with ticket prices. We will try to find the most economical method of transport to each venue.

Payments may be made by giving a cheque to the event organiser or to Sue Benwell. Cheques should be payable to Haddenham U3A and have the name of the event written on the back.  However, we prefer payment by internet or telephone banking to the credit of Haddenham U3A at CAF Bank; sort code 40-52-40, account no. 00021011. As soon as you have used one of these methods, please email or ring the Treasurer ( or 01844 292393) and the event organiser to confirm that the payment has been sent.  (Please note that this account is for events and outings only and should not be used when paying membership subscriptions.)



Next Events 

"The Moderate Soprano" at Duke of York Theatre, London 

3 May 2018 

Coach 12.00 noon

Play 14.30 hrs 

Coach from Haddenham Village Hall  

"THe Best Man" at The Playhouse, London

24 May 2018

 Coach 12.30 noon

Play 15.00 hrs 

Coach from Haddenham Village Hall   



Group Notice   

Thursday 3 May 2018 - The Moderate Soprano, Duke of York Theatre, London

An English eccentric, three refugees from Hitler,
He admired Germany, they fled the Nazis,
He wanted Wagner, they gave him Mozart,
Together they built a legend,

The two great passions in John Christie’s life were opera and a beautiful young soprano, Audrey Mildmay, with whom he was completely smitten. Together with his formidable drive, they fuelled what many first saw as a monumental folly in the South Downs. Glyndebourne was triumphantly born amidst stiff manhattans, rolling lawns and the sound of sheep from across the HaHa. It was to become revered the world over. 

Such was the scale of the enterprise that love alone was not enough. When a famous violinist was fogged in overnight in Eastbourne, Christie first heard of a group of refugees for whom life in Nazi Germany had become impossible. Perhaps they could help deliver Christie’s vision of the sublime – assuming of course they would be willing to cast Audrey as the leading light. 

David Hare’s new play, first seen at Hampstead Theatre, is the story of an intense love affair and the unrelenting search for artistic excellence in the face of searing scrutiny, sacrifice and the impending Second World War.

It stars Roger Allam, who plays Inspector Thursday in Endeavour, ITVs prequel to Inspector Morse, and has received some excellent reviews. 

The Moderate Soprano is at the Duke of York Theatre, London, on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 14.30.

Coach pick up is from Haddenham Village Hall at noon.

Tickets are £50 and include coach travel, driver’s tip and stall tickets. 

Organiser:  Sue Benwell on 01296 394101 or  

Thursday 24 May 2018 - The Best Man, The Playhouse, London

Two opposing presidential party candidates are neck and neck in an unscrupulous battle for the nomination. The only thing that separates the ex-Secretary of State and his populist opponent is an endorsement from a respected ex-President. But where does compromise end and corruption begin? And who in the end will be proved to be ‘the best man’?

One of the UK’s best loved actors, Martin Shaw leads a star-studded cast. Best known for his TV roles in Judge John DeedInspector George Gently and The Professionals, he returns to the stage after his West End triumphs which include An Ideal HusbandTwelve Angry MenAre You Lonesome Tonight? and A Man for All SeasonsJeff Fahey, American movie star whose films include The Lawnmower Man and TV series Lost co-stars alongside one of Britain’s finest and best loved film, TV and theatre actresses Maureen Lipman (CBE). Best known on the big screen for roles such as Trish in Educating Rita and in the Oscar-winning film The Pianist. A prolific stage actress, Lipman is an Olivier Award winner (See How They Run) and has appeared in some 20 West End productions.

Joining them is Jack Shepherd, whose extensive career includes his celebrated roles in Wycliffe and Bill BrandHoneysuckle Weeks who starred alongside Michael Kitchen as Samantha Stewart in Foyle’s War and Glynis Barber, best known for Dempsey and MakepeaceNight and Day and EastEnders.

The Best Man is at The Playhouse, London, on the 24th May 2018 at 3pm.

Coach pick up is from Haddenham Village Hall at 12.30pm.

Tickets are £50 and include coach travel, driver’s tip and stall tickets.

Organiser:  Sue Benwell on 01296 394101 or  




Joining the Group 

If you wish to join us, please contact:

Sue Benwell on 01296 394101 or