Tai Chi Group



Tai Chi is recognised as a form of structured movement and meditation that can be beneficial in promoting self awareness, improving balance, maintaining flexibility and in falls prevention.

It is now being used within the NHS in rehabilitation after accidents or surgery and is also being used in promoting long term health, mental wellbeing, in schools and in work situations to relieve stress.


More than these – it is fun, relaxing and “a work-out”!



The Tai Chi Group meets weekly on Tuesday afternoons at 14.00hrs  at

Youth & Community Centre


 If you wish to join the group, contact the organiser first, in case of any variations in the meeting dates.





£1 - 2.00 per session, depending on numbers attending, to cover costs of hiring the venue



 Next Events 

Tai Chi 2 Oct 2018 14.00 hrs Youth & Community Centre, Woodways, Haddenham
Tai Chi 9 Oct 2018 14.00 hrs Youth & Community Centre, Woodways, Haddenham


 Group Notice  

Tai Chi Group Meetings

New members are always welcome but I would suggest checking with me (Mike) on 07866 425227 before turning up as I may have some other dates that I cannot get there due to circumstances that may arise at short notice. I will email or telephone regular group members should this arise suddenly

New group members welcomed. Please contact Mike Moore 01844 290258 or mhm4569@gmail.com


 Joining the Group 


 If you wish to join us, please contact: 

Mike Moore on 01844 290258 omhm4569@gmail.com