Digital Photography Group


The Digital Photography Group in Haddenham U3A does not now meet regularly, but Haddenham U3A members may continue to attend the Greater Thame U3A Photography Group, under an arrangement which pre-dated the establishment of our own group.

Greater Thame U3A Photography Group meet on the Third Friday of each month 10-12 am at Thame Guide Hut, Southern Road, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2EE.

The aims of the Haddenham group are:

  1. To enable group members to compose, take and process photographs to meet their individual goals and to have the knowledge of their own equipment and software such that they can continue to develop their skills.
  2. To improve confidence and engender a sense of fun in photography
  3. To meet the needs of compact and DSL camera users"



There is a nominal attendance charge to cover room hire and refreshments.


Next Events 


GTU3A Group Meeting

18 Jan 2019 10.00 hrs Guide HQ, Southern Road, Thame



Group Notice 


December 2018 - January 2019

There is currently no meeting planned for December, but January’s plans are in the works and look to be exciting. Contact Peter to find out more.

Peter Parrey  01844 214630  or

Greater Thame Photographic Group - New Members Welcome
Is there any interest from members of the Thame and Haddenham U3As wishing to attend a basic course in learning to use your camera, phone or tablet to take better photos? The Photography group would love to hear from you.
If you are interested please email or phone me (contact details below).
The group is in desperate need of new members; should you have an interest in photography or would just like to learn a new hobby, please come along to one of our meetings. You will be very welcome
Peter Parrey - 214630

Message from Bernard Warner

All members of Haddenham U3A can attend meetings of the Greater Thame U3A Photography Group. I have attended these meetings in the past and can say that you would all fit in to the group regardless of your own experience of photography. Existing members  use all types of the cameras not just SLRs. Within the group are also some very patient individuals who have been willing to share their knowledge with me and others.

I can fully recommend these sessions to you all.

The dates and subjects for the group are shown above. If you would like to attend these meetings let me know and I can give you further details.


Home Phone: 01844 296188    Mobile Phone: 07889331723



Joining the Group 

If you wish to join us, please contact:

Bernard Warner on 01844 296188 or

Greater Thame U3A   Peter Parrey  01844 214630  or