Out With Friends Group


Aims and Objectives

Objectives of the Group are for people on their own who want to socialise for a variety of reasons.  Out with Friends aims to enable members to meet others with similar interests to arrange outings and events in small or larger groups.  At the meetings members put forward ideas for activities of various kinds.

Group Leader:  Pat Woodward   Tel:  01844 290460     pat.woodward041@btinternet.com

Venue:  Bradmoor Farm, Stanbridge Road – (in private area)

Time:  First Wednesday of the month @ 10.30 am 

If you are intending to attend for the first time, please notify Pat Woodward (as above) in advance.

What we do

This friendly Group is essentially self maintaining in that members bring their written suggestions with details of venue & event(s), costs etc., to the meetings and, assisted by the Group Leader are encouraged to organise/arrange as necessary.  These can be anything from a lunch, a local event, Theatre, cinema – local and national, open gardens and Stately Homes, days out with local Coach Companies, sporting activities, even a ‘friends’ meeting or meal in members own homes, or just meeting up for a coffee – the possibilities are limitless.

Details of all outings and who is responsible for their organising are minuted at every  monthly meeting and distributed to all members as soon as possible. This to enable members to contact the relevant organiser of each event.



It has been agreed that, from Jan 2018, members should pay annual  subs of £10 to cover expenses. Pat should be reimbursed for the costs she incurs to set up outings, meals and general outgoings to run the group. This will also cover things like raffle prizes and special thank you gifts. 

We have agreed that, where there is car sharing, fuel contributions should by made at the following rates

  • £1 up to 5 miles
  • £2 up to 25 miles
  • £3 over 25 miles



Next Events 

Chinnor and Princes Risborough Steam Railway


1 Jul 2018 16.30 hrs 

with cream tea on board

Group meeting


4 Jul 2018 10.30 hrs

Bradmoor Farm, Stanbridge Road, Haddenham

Sunday Lunch 8 Jul 2018  

Bottle & Glass, Gibraltar

contct Pat Woodward 290460

Haddenham Screen - "Phantom Thread" 10 Jul 2018 19.30 for 20.00 hrs Youth Centre, Woodways
Haddenham Screen - "High Noon" 24 Jul 2018 19.30 for 20.00 hrs

with guest speaker

Youth Centre, Woodways

Garden Party 25 Jul 2018 12.30 hrs start 33 Churchway, Haddenham 
Haddenham Screen - "Paddington 2" 25 Jul 2018 15.00 for15.30 hrs Youth Centre, Woodways
Group Meeting 1 Aug 2018 10.30 hrs Bradmoor Farm
Haddenham Treasure Trail 9 Aug 2018 pm 

followed by afternoon tea

organised by Pam Harding & Myrtle White

Sunday Lunch 12 Aug 2018   Eight Bells, Long Crendon
Oxford Botanic Gardens 24 Aug 2018  

Contact Pam Harding

01844 291872
Group Meeting 5 Sep 2018 10.30 hrs Bradmoor Farm
Sunday Lunch 9 Sep 2018   tba
Trip to Living Rainforest, Newbury 27 Sep 2018  

Contact Shirley Gray

01844 237362 
Group Meeting 3 Oct 2018 10.30 hrs Bradmoor Farm
Sunday Lunch 14 Oct 2018   tba
Group Meeting 7 Nov 2018 10.30 hrs Bradmoor Farm
Sunday Lunch 11 Nov 2018   Green Dragon, Haddenham
Group Meeting 5 Dec 2018 10.30 hrs Bradmoor Farm
Sunday Lunch Dec 2018   Peacock, Henton



Group Notices 

Enlarging the Committee

At the August meeting we will need to discuss the future of the Out With Friends Group.  If the Group is to continue, a new Leader will have to be found.  Pat W has, as you know, worked so hard to get the Group started and its success is reflected in the number of members (currently over 40) and the continuing wonderfully positive and enthusiastic comments from members.  However, Pat W now feels that it is time to ‘step down’ and hand the reins over to someone else.  So…….. I would be really grateful if, before the August meeting, you could give serious thought to whether you would be prepared to be Leader of the Group.  From personal experience I know that organising meetings and events can be time-consuming but I would suggest that, in future, a bigger committee is formed in order to ease the burden on the shoulders of the Leader.  Would you be interested in joining a Committee?  Pat W would like to continue organising the Sunday lunches and I would certainly be prepared to join a Committee and continue arranging events and activities as well as co-ordinating a team for local quizzes.  If the Group is to continue it is vital that we have more people helping in the running of the Group and also volunteering to organise activities.  So……. please have a think over the next few weeks and give serious thought to how you can help the Group to continue.  I would be happy to speak to anyone on the phone or by email if you would like to discuss this with me, and I am sure Pat W would be prepared to do so too.

Suggestions for regular events

The following suggestions have also been put forward

  • Regular weekly swimming at Stoke Mandeville Stadium (please contact 01844 290460)



Joining the Group

Please contact:

Group Leader -  Pat Woodward        Email:  pat.woodward041@btinternet.com   Tel:  01844 290460