Committee Members and Other Contacts


Committee Members

The members of the Haddenham U3A Committee are:



Sally Lajalati

 01844 875292



David Ackroyd

01844 292393


Tony Barker

01844 290377 

Membership Secretary

Chris Collins

01844 291909

Speakers' Secretary

Angela Hart

01844 292070

Events & Outings Coordinator 

Mary Paterson

01844 291919

Interest Groups

Theresa Smith

01296 747893


Neil Dury

01844 291809

Welfare Doreen Barker 01844 290377
Liaison Jerry Michell 01844 290595


Interest Group Leaders

For contact details for Interest Groups, please go to the Interest Group page.


Non-Committee Volunteers

The following members of the Haddenham U3A also contribute to the smooth running of the organisation:


Webmaster and Newsletter

 Roger Rickard