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Haddenham U3A provides access to the best local leisure, recreational and educational facilities for retired and semi-retired people

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General Meeting

The next General Meetings are shown below. For further details of this and subsequent meetings, click on the meeting date

Speaker Date


"Garden Hunting in China" - Timothy Walker Mon 11 Sep 2017 Youth & Community Centre, Woodways, Haddenham 
"Garden Hunting in China" - Timothy Walker Thu 21 Sep 2017 Youth & Community Centre, Woodways, Haddenham 
"Energy for Life" - Dr Alex Paterson  Mon 9 Oct 2017  Youth & Community Centre, Woodways, Haddenham  
"Energy for Life" - Dr Alex Paterson   Thu 19 Oct 2017  Youth & Community Centre, Woodways, Haddenham  








Forthcoming Events and Outings 

The table below highlights some of the events and outings planned by various interest groups for the next few weeks.

For more details of any event, click on the event name.  



Departure Time 

Visit to Stratfield Saye House & Gardens 6 Sep 2017 Coach leaves Haddenham Village Hall at 09.00 hrs
Hydraulic Research Laboratory, Wallingford (Technical Group) 18 Oct 2017 see Technical Group page 
 Thenford Arboretum & Gardens 21 Oct 2017  Coach leaves Haddenham Village Hall at 13.00 hrs 
 Richmond Poppy Factory 20 Nov 2017  Coach leaves Haddenham Village Hall at 11.45 hrs  
Christmas Carols at Dorchester Abbey 13 Dec 2017 Coach leaves Haddenham Village Hall at 16.15 hrs 








Notices for Members

Chairman's Thoughts - September - October 2017

I hope that you have all had a good summer despite the rather dismal weather throughout most of August. Our decision to hold General Meetings during August proved to be popular with good attendance at both meetings. There also were more Interest Group Meetings than in previous years and hopefully next year there will be even more when continuing through the summer becomes the norm.

If you were at either of the August Meetings you will know that we have been looking at how we can maximise our income from Gift Aid. Just to remind you how this works, if a taxpayer gift aids their subscription then we can claim from HMRC 25p for every pound paid. It is very simple. If you still pay tax we just need you to fill in a Gift Aid form, all we need is your name, address and signature – it really is as simple as that! You don’t have to give us any other personal information.  Only about half the membership have signed forms thus far. Last year we claimed about £716, which is clearly very good but we could increase this significantly and all just by filling in a simple form. Last year our income exceeded expenditure by just £754 so Gift Aid accounted for most of that. So Gift Aid can help us to keep subscriptions down. 

We can now also offer Joint Membership to married couples if only one person pays tax. If the taxpayer pays the subscription for both members we can claim Gift Aid on £32 rather than just £16, so this is even more effective. Joint membership is no different to normal membership. We will be giving details of this on our website. If you have any questions please contact David Ackroyd, our Treasurer on treasurer@haddenhamu3a.co.uk or 01844 292393.  So please do consider filling in a Gift Aid form. They can be downloaded from the website or both David and Chris Collins (membership@haddenhamu3a.co.uk or 01844 291909) have hard copies.

We are also trying to complete all the ICE (In case of emergency) information on the database. It is very important that we have emergency contacts for everyone, we never know when an accident might happen or when someone might be taken ill. Roger Rickard has just sent out current ICE lists to all Group Leaders asking them to update the information for their members. So please do give your Group Leader two emergency contacts, if you have not already done so. If you belong to a number of groups you will find that all the Leaders will be asking you for the information, you only need to give the information once. When all the lists are returned the information will be entered into the database and it will then be automatically applied to all the groups of which you are a member. New, updated lists will then be issued to all Group Leaders. If you don’t belong to a group then you can give your ICE contacts either to Roger Rickard (rarickard@aol.com or 01844 291613) or Chris Collins.  It is also a good idea to include your emergency contact details on your mobile phone using the acronym ICE. The emergency services will use this to contact your next of kin if you are unable to give them the information. There are details of how to do this on the Home page of our website.                                           

Best wishes, Elaine

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Who Can You Trust?

There is an organisation called Who Can You Trust which is a not-for-profit community interest company set up with the sole aim of alerting and advising people in the 55+ age group about the need to be on their guard against internet scammers, doorstep rogues, fake lotteries, ATM fraudsters, rogue builders, dating tricksters and cheque overpayment fraud.

They publish a magazine "Watch Out" in various parts of the country with articles and information about which traders you can trust and which scams to beware of.

You can download the Bucks version of Watch Out here.

Rota for General Meetings

A rota has been established of members who are prepared to assist with the preparation of the room and equipment for the General Meetings. The rota can be found at the bottom of the General Meetings page.

Any other members willing to join the rota should contact Elaine Parkes on 01844 292184 or emparkes26@gmail.com

Happy Retirement!

Are you enjoying a happy and contented retirement? Is retirement proving to be the happiest chapter of your life? If so, why not write about about it and enter the 'LaterLife Challenge'

The LaterLife Challenge seeks to recognise great examples of how Britain's over 50s are making the most of retirement - in particular, recognising those who are making the most of their retirement (or partial retirement) and are great role models for us all.

For more details, follow this link

Update on U3A statistics

The latest figures from the Third Age Trust (TAT) show that there are 385.029 members in 1010 U3A's across the UK. When one considers that the U3A movement has only been operating in UK since 1982, it must be one of, if not the, fastest growing self-help organisations, run entirely by volunteers, in the country. Our membership of Haddenham U3A now stands at 372, and grows each month.

Most members will be aware that we are part of the local CHaTTR group (Chinnor, Haddenham, Thamex2, and Ridgeway) and of TVN the network of 38 U3As in the Thames Valley. But did you know that the Thames Valley Network is itself one of nine networks in the U3A South East Region, which boasts 180 U3As across seven counties?

This means that all members of Haddenham U3A are entitled to attend the increasing number of events and study days arranged each year by CHATTR, the Thames Valley Network and the South East Region. To find out more, please visit the websites of these organisations or click here for a summary. Our proximity to London and the good transport services to get there, also mean that we can take advantage of many of the events that are organised nationally by the Third Age Trust. Again you can visit the TAT website or find a summary by clicking here.

Bucks Older People's Action Group (BOPAG)

Bucks Older People's Action Group aims to ensure that the voices of older people (50+) in Buckinghamshire are heard and that they influence the way in which services are planned and delivered, maintaining and improving the well-being of local older people.

Click here to view or download their latest newsletter.

You can find out more from their website by clicking here,

ICE - In Case of Emergency

Do you have a mobile phone?  Could someone find your nearest and dearest on you mobile phone in case of an emergency to you?

Click here to find out how to identify your next of kin or friend you would wish to be contacted in your mobile phone address book
























































Interest Groups

The following Interest Groups meet regularly. Click on the group name for further details  



Card & Board Games




Digital Photography


 Earth Matters


 French Conversation

Friday Lunch


German Conversation


 Local History

Mah Jong

 Music Appreciation


Out with Friends

  Sunday Lunch

Table Tennis

Tai Chi 


Ten Pin Bowling


Visiting Country Churches








Interested in Joining?

If you don't yet know much about U3A, or are thinking of joining us, you should be able to find all the information you need on the website. 

To find out more about the U3A movement, and the Haddenham U3A in particular, click on About U3A.

To access our membership application form, click on Joining U3A



Haddenham U3A is a registered Charity; registration number 1165358

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