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Haddenham U3A provides access to the best local leisure, recreational and educational facilities for retired and semi-retired people

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General Meeting

The next General Meetings are shown below. For further details of this and subsequent meetings, click on the meeting date

Speaker Date


"The History of Pinewood Studios" by Mike Payne  Mon 13 Aug 2018  Haddenham Youth & Community Centre, Woodways  
 "The History of Pinewood Studios" by Mike Payne Thu 19 Aug 2018  Haddenham Youth & Community Centre, Woodways  
"Bagels & Bacon; a Jewish childhood in the East End" by Jeff Rozelaar  Mon 10 Sep 2018  Haddenham Youth & Community Centre, Woodways 
 "Bagels & Bacon; a Jewish childhood in the East End" by Jeff Rozelaar Thu 20 Sep 2018  Haddenham Youth & Community Centre, Woodways 








Forthcoming Events and Outings 

The table below highlights some of the events and outings planned by various interest groups for the next few weeks.

For more details of any event, click on the event name.  



Departure Time 

"Sweet Charity" at Watermill Theatre, nr Newbury

(Theatre Group)

23 Aug 2018

Minibus leaves Haddenham Village Hall at 13.00 hrs

"The Wipers Times" at The Oxford Playhouse

(Theatre Group)

8 Sep 2018 Make your own travel arrangements 

Visit to Sir Paul Getty's Walled Garden & Library, Wormsley

(Events and Outings)

20 Sep 2018

Make your own travel arrangements

"The King and I" at The London Palladium 

(Theatre Group)

27 Sep 2018  Coach leaves Haddenham Village Hall at 11.30 hrs

Visit to Thenford Arboretum & Gardens

(Events and Outings)

20 Oct 2018 Coach leaves Haddenham Village Hall at 13.00 hrs




















Notices for Members

Group Leaders Wanted

Ray Price has stepped down as Group Leader for the Sunday Lunch Group. Sincere thanks go to Ray for setting this group up and for organising many successful and enjoyable lunches. We now need someone to step in and take over from Ray. Can you help?
To date the lunch has been held on the 4th Sunday of the month but if it would help and subject to agreement by the group members, we could make it every other month. We already have a Friday lunch group that meets two-monthly so we could look to fitting the Sunday group in the alternative months. Of course this does depend of members’ wishes.
The second group we need to find a leader for is Discussion Group 2. Sadly this vacancy arises following the recent death of John Holloway. Our thoughts go to Vivienne and his family. The group meets monthly on the fourth Monday morning.
If you think you would be prepared to take on either of these groups please get in touch with me, Theresa Smith, by emailing me at groups@haddenhamu3a.co.uk or on 01296 747893.


Jan Baker who ran a six week yoga course for us as part of her training has now qualified. Jan is hoping that there will be enough interest for her to set up a ‘proper’ group and aims to get it off the ground in September. As soon as I have updated information it will be on the website so if you are interested in yoga check there for details. 
Theresa Smith, by emailing me at groups@haddenhamu3a.co.uk or on 01296 747893.

Administering the website and newsletter

As it is now nine and a half years that I have run the U3A's website and edited the newsletter, I have decided that it is time for someone else to take over this role within Haddenham U3A.

If you fancy doing either or both jobs, please speak to the Chairman, Sally, or any other committee member.

I will be quite happy to discuss what is involved in these jobs, although I am conscious that delivering a website doesn't necessarily need to be done in the same manner that I have used. Give me a ring or drop me an email.

Finally, please note that TVN are running a Study Day on Websites on Wednesday 17 October 2018. Maybe you'd like to attend that and get some advice from other local U3As. It takes place at Benson.  Click here for further details

Roger Rickard   on 01844 291613 or RARickard@aol.com

Chairman's Thoughts - July - August 2018

Hello Everyone

This is my first ‘Chairman’s Thoughts’ since taking over in May and I would like to start by thanking the Committee for being so welcoming and supportive, and also thanking all those members who have given me their congratulations and best wishes.   I look forward to getting know many more of you during the coming months.

It was good to meet the Group Leaders at the recent Group Leaders meeting and lunch.   They are a vital part of our U3A and we are fortunate to have such committed members providing us with such a wonderful variety of activities to engage in. 

You will see from Theresa Smith’s note that we are in need of several new Group Leaders.  I’m sure that all those of you who have participated in these groups would like to join me in saying a really big thank you to these leaders, and hopefully we can soon find willing members to fill these places to ensure that these groups carry on.

After many years, Roger Rickard, who has been responsible for our website and the production of the newsletter, has also decided to step down.   Many thanks must go to Roger for the time and work that he has put in.   I am sure that amongst our members there are many who enjoy being a ‘techie’.  If that is the case then please get in touch and see if this is something that you could take on.

And one last plea.  We are still in need of a Vice Chairman.  As Vice Chairman you will work with a fantastic committee and get to know all the ins and outs of how our U3A works, so if you feel you could contribute some time to this vital role please contact me to find out more about it.

We are very fortunate to have such a thriving and vibrant U3A with so many different interest groups and activities – I think there is indeed something for everyone.    For it to continue to be so we need people who are willing to participate by taking on the roles described above.   So please get in touch if you would like some more information. 

Finally, a little anecdote about the ICE cards that we have all been asked to complete and carry with us.  During a recent U3A holiday a member (no names mentioned) bought an ice cream and happily went off with the other members to enjoy the ice cream in the sunshine.  Later, on the coach to the next stopping point,  she received a phone call from her son, telling her that she had left her purse in the shop where she had bought the ice cream.  Surprised and shocked she asked him how he knew and he told her that the lady in the shop had looked in the purse and found the ICE card with her son’s phone number on it.  How fortunate that she had the ICE card in her purse, otherwise she could have had a lot of aggravation and a ruined holiday!!

Enjoy the summer.  It really has been ‘flaming June’.  Long may it continue (although the gardens could do with a shower now and then, as well as us, to refresh us.)  Happy holidays.

Sally Lajalati

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Pinter at the Pinter

U3A members are being offer discounted tickets for a season on one-act plays by Harold Pinter being shown at The Pinter Theatre in London. An ensemble cast, including many well known actors.

See the Theatre Group page

Who Can You Trust?

There is an organisation called Who Can You Trust which is a not-for-profit community interest company set up with the sole aim of alerting and advising people in the 55+ age group about the need to be on their guard against internet scammers, doorstep rogues, fake lotteries, ATM fraudsters, rogue builders, dating tricksters and cheque overpayment fraud.

They publish a magazine "Watch Out" in various parts of the country with articles and information about which traders you can trust and which scams to beware of.

You can download the Bucks version of Watch Out here.

Happy Retirement!

Are you enjoying a happy and contented retirement? Is retirement proving to be the happiest chapter of your life? If so, why not write about about it and enter the 'LaterLife Challenge'

The LaterLife Challenge seeks to recognise great examples of how Britain's over 50s are making the most of retirement - in particular, recognising those who are making the most of their retirement (or partial retirement) and are great role models for us all.

For more details, follow this link

Bucks Older People's Action Group (BOPAG)

Bucks Older People's Action Group aims to ensure that the voices of older people (50+) in Buckinghamshire are heard and that they influence the way in which services are planned and delivered, maintaining and improving the well-being of local older people.

Click here to view or download their latest newsletter.

You can find out more from their website by clicking here,

ICE - In Case of Emergency

Do you have a mobile phone?  Could someone find your nearest and dearest on you mobile phone in case of an emergency to you?

Click here to find out how to identify your next of kin or friend you would wish to be contacted in your mobile phone address book





































































Interest Groups

The following Interest Groups meet regularly. Click on the group name for further details  



Card & Board Games




Digital Photography


 Earth Matters

 Film Club

 French Conversation

Friday Lunch


German Conversation


 Local History

Mah Jong

 Music Appreciation


Out with Friends

  Sunday Lunch

Table Tennis

Tai Chi 


Ten Pin Bowling


Visiting Country Churches








Interested in Joining?

If you don't yet know much about U3A, or are thinking of joining us, you should be able to find all the information you need on the website. 

To find out more about the U3A movement, and the Haddenham U3A in particular, click on About U3A.

To access our membership application form, click on Joining U3A



Haddenham U3A is a registered Charity; registration number 1165358

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