Use standard pages

You can add standard pages to your site, for example, form builder, news, jobs, adverts, discussion boards and events calendars. You can also change access to particular parts of your website to make them accessible only to members.

Go to your website address
Look for 'manage website' at the top of the page
Click on 'manage website' and you will see a list below it
Follow the link called '
standard pages'
When you have followed the link you will need to scroll down the page a little to find the list of standard pages

Now click on the word 'enable' next to the Standard Page you wish to enable

The title of the page now appears in the left hand navigation, and you can click on 'Manage this page' to populate it with your content.

To make a page unavailable to all users, click 'Disable' from this menu. Even when a page is disabled, your data will still be stored there and you can publish it again at any time by clicking 'Enable'.

You can change the name of these pages by clicking 'Rename'. The change will be reflected in the main navigation menu and the headers on that page.

Permissions is an advanced feature of your website administration. Your audience is divided into four groups:

  • The public (unregistered users)
  • Registered users of TEST
  • Website members
  • Administrators of your site.

By setting permissions for each page, you can choose which members of your audience are allowed to add content.