Navigating your website

When you open your website you will see that the information you have entered in your application form has been used to form the pages of your site. To navigate around your website, use the links on the left-side of the page or the Back and Forward buttons on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

There are standard commands at the top of every page . These are:

  • Your account - click here to view or change your administrator details
  • Logout (or Login) - click here to login or logout of the web site administration

When you are logged in as the administrator, you will see some underlined words on pages of your website, such as ‘Manage Website' and ‘Edit this page' these are known as links.  These links are for the administrators' (you) use only and will not be seen by users of your site.

Managing your website

As the administrator of your website you can use the ‘Manage Website' link to carry out a range of functions including adding or deleting pages, changing your website details or altering the look and feel of your site.

To manage your website:
  • Ensure you are logged in to your website
  • Click on the ‘Manage Website' link  Mnage website Link

You will see the following range of options:

Change organisation details
This page displays the information submitted on your application form. You can change any part of this information by clicking the ‘Edit' button at the bottom of the page. 

Service Page Administration

Here you can change the search criteria that is available within for a Service search from the homepage. Click on the ‘Edit' button to open up the page ready for changing. When you have made you changes click on 'OK' this will save your choices.

Change colour schemes

This page allows you to choose another colour scheme for your website. Clicking ‘Select' next to an option automatically selects the chosen colour scheme. Your header and menu will immediately reflect the new design.  You may need to 'Refresh' (icon in browser toolbar or F5) on return to the Homepage

Add or change logo

You can also upload a group logo from your computer. It has to be in the right format (e.g. gif, jpeg or png) and the system will resize your logo to fit.

  • Click ‘Browse' to find your logo from the files on your computer
  • Select the logo and press ‘OK'.
  • The logo will automatically appear beside the title of your website
Use standard pages

The ‘Use standard pages' command allows you to:

  • Change which standard pages (e.g. events, discussions) are available on your website
  • Change access to particular parts of your website
  • Re-name your pages
  • Edit the content of your pages

For more detail on using standard pages please refer to the helpsheet 8 on ‘Use Standard Pages'.

Use customised pages

This section allows you to add as many pages, sub-pages and news articles as you like to build up the content on your site and add items of interest for your visitors. If you are in this section and would like to return to your group website, click on ‘Back to homepage' in the top left hand corner of the screen.
For more detail on using the customised pages please refer to the helpsheet 3 on ‘Creating New Content'.

Reorder menu items

You can rearrange the order of the left hand navigation menu on your website.

  • Select the page that you would like to move
  • Click ‘Move up' or ‘Move down' to change the order.
  • Click ‘Save changes' when you have finished moving pages.
Permissions and Sharing

You can set up how your visitors see and use your pages by ticking the appropriate boxes.

  • Read - visitors can read your pages
  • Edit - to edit these pages members have to be made administrators - see Members Admin below
Members admin

This option allows you to add and manage your members and other administrators.

  • Use the ‘Invite' link to invite a new user. When inviting a new user the information entered allows the member to log on to your web site using their email address and a password.
  • Use the links under ‘Action' to remove or modify the permissions for an individual person
  • The table has a list of registered members.  If they don't appear they first have to be registered with the main site,
Welcome email

This option allows you to create and edit a welcome email which is sent to members when they register with your website or as it is worded on the top of your website Join Group.

  • Click ‘Edit'
  • Select ‘Enable welcome email' and the message in the body will automatically be sent to all new members when they join your website
  • You can edit the message and subject in the text boxes
  • The terms in brackets in the message body will be automatically replaced with the correct information for that individual
Email members

This screen enables you to send an email to all members of your group. It is useful for such events as annual general meetings. The names of your members will automatically appear in place of the bracketed terms when you send the email (a mail merge).
Fill in the ‘Subject' and ‘Message' sections (do not write over the bracketed terms) and click ‘send'.

Use another website address

If you already have an existing website and would like to use that site instead, you can redirect your website address to your previous website address.

  • Type in your existing URL (or website address)
  • Select ‘Yes'
  • Click ‘OK' Users that select your website from the A-Z or type in will now automatically go to the specified website
Broken links report

If any hyperlink in the system points to a non-existent page, an error will be reported here. Check this page periodically to ensure that all external links on the website are up-to-date