Customised pages and content on your website

You may have previously added new pages to your website using the standard ones provided, but you can also generate your own customised pages.  In this way you can build up the content on your site by adding items of interest for your visitors, creating novel pages and sub-pages, and by adding news articles.  However, this uses a different procedure that is slightly more advanced than using the standard pages.

When creating customised pages you will be taken to another part of the system that looks different to your website pages, but returning to your website is easy, simply click on the ‘Back to homepage' in the top left hand corner of your screen.

To create customised pages

Login as administrator of your website and go to your home page. Then you can either:

  • Create new pages by clicking on the ‘Manage Website' link at the top, then use the ‘Use customised pages' from the list of hyperlinks available; or
  • Select the page you want to customise and use the ‘Edit this page' link.

Creating folders and pages

Using the customised pages section allows you to create and edit your own pages and folders.  Using folders allows you to organise your content as you would in a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) when you use folders and files.

To create folders within the website:

  • Select ‘Manage Website' and then ‘Use customised pages'
  • Click the ‘Content' tab 
  • In ‘Site Map' select the web page you want your new folder to appear under, or for a new folder click on the name of your website
  • You will now see options for ‘Create Folder' (group of pages), or ‘Create item' (page)
  • Click on ‘Create Folder'Short Title  - title of the folder
  • Body text  - add the text describing the subject of the Folder. By default the text appears in Verdana but will appear in Arial on the published page.
  • Highlight any text you want to change. As you pass the cursor over the buttons in the toolbar a small popup label appears telling you the function of each button. Use these to make headers or bold the text etc.
  • When you have finished, you can choose to include the page in the navigation menu with the other pages on the site (5)
  • You can also choose to show the pages within the folder by clicking ‘Yes'
  • Follow this link for help with writing for the web