This Help Sheet will take you through registering and applying for your website with By the end of this worksheet you will have a basic website set up for use.

If you already have a login please ensure you are logged in and then go to 'Applying for a Website' instructions further down this page. If you do not have a login please continue below.

Registering with

Before applying for your free website you need to be a registered user with You must have an email address to receive confirmation of your registration. To register with

  • Click on 'Register' from the homepage of
  • Enter your email address and personal details and choose a password.
  • The ‘Screen name’ is optional, if you have one it will be used every time you log in so that your real name is not given if you participate in forums and surveys.
  • Click the 'OK' button.
  • Read the 'Terms and conditions' by clicking on the link. Tick the box to confirm you have read them and accept them and press 'OK'. You must accept the 'Terms and conditions' to use
  • You will then see a message saying an email will be sent to you to verify your email address and confirm your registration.  This normally takes two or three minutes to arrive.
  • Open that email and click on the link in it to complete your registration.  This will take you to and if you click the confirm button you can log in immediately.
  • Once logged on you are ready to apply for a website (see below).  You can also change your access details by clicking on 'Your Account' at the top of the page.

Applying for a website

  • Go to our ‘Home’ page at and log in using your email and password
  • Select 'Apply for a website'. The information from your application form will be used to create the ‘Home’ and ‘About-us’ (Service Details) pages of your website. You can edit these details later if you wish.
  • Everything marked with a * is a required field.
    • Your contact details; these are confidential and will not appear on the website
  • Your Organisation details
    • Name of your organisation (i.e. not your own name): this will appear at the top of your website
    • Website address (url):  This will always begin with and we suggest you should complete this field with a shortened version of your organisation name if practical. (e.g. Aylesbury Camcorder Enthusiasts = ace). This helps when quoting your web address and may be easier to remember.
    • Description: this should be a short, no more than 60 words, description of your organisation which will appear on your homepage (this can be edited later) and is also used as a summary in our A-Z list of Community Websites.
    • Use Your Existing Website: if you already have a website use this facility to redirect visitors to it.  Alternatively, if you would like your existing website to point to your new site, just tell your ISP (Internet Service Provider), to redirect your web address e.g. ( to your site on (
  • Organisation Contact Details
    • Include a contact name, address, phone number and email address. Whilst none of these is compulsory we would suggest that at some method of contact is given, otherwise your website visitors may not know how to get in touch with your organisation.
  • Service Details: this information appears on the ‘About-us’ webpage. This should be about the main “service” your community organisation offers and can be similar to information provided earlier on this form.
    • Service name 
    • If you offer multiple services, you will be able to add these when your website has been approved.
  • Venue Details: these are not compulsory but useful if you have a regular meeting place or are a village hall or similar. Use the tick box if necessary.

·         Service Contact Details: Include a contact name, address, phone
number and email address; you must provide at least one of these.  
Use the tick box if you prefer
·         Terms and Conditions: as previously, you have to read and agree to
the 'Terms and conditions' before you submit your application.
·         Once you have submitted your application.  If there are any problems with 
      your application we will contact you, but otherwise you should receive an email
      from us within three working days informing you that your application
      has been successful.

Follow the instructions on the email confirming approval.  You are now the 'Administrator' of your site and can start developing it.