Adding Images, Documents and Web Links (hyperlinks) to your Pages

You have probably been developing your website by adding some standard pages, such as events and useful links and you have added new content by creating your own pages. To make your site more interesting and informative you can also include images, documents and links on the pages you have created. These must first be uploaded to the Assets library.


How to upload an image to the Assets Library

Add an image to Assets Library

  • Login to your website
  • Go to 'Edit this page'
  • Click on the link to ‘Assets Library’ top left of screen
  • To add a new image:
    • Click ‘Add a image’
    • Browse the images on your computer
    • Select an image
    • Add a caption (short description of image)
    • Use the copyright field if you need to, it is not a required field 
    • Click ‘Save and Publish’ and your image will be shown
    • Add further images as required

Add an image to a page

  • Add an image to a page
    • Go to the page where you want to add the image
    • Click ‘Edit Page’
    • Place cursor where you want the image to go
    • Click ‘Add Image’ icon in the toolbar    
    • Select image from the asset library click your cursor onto the small round selection icon
    • Enter the 'Alternative Text' in the box provided (this should be a descriptive text to aid the partially sighted and is displayed when you hover over the image). Select a border width if required then click 'Add'
    • Your image will appear in the page editor (if you wish to delete, select the image and press delete on your keyboard)
    • You can then resize by clicking on a corner of the image and holding mouse button down to drag to required size. NB. bucksinfo will restrict the image size to a width of 430 pixels. If you stretch a photo any larger than this it will begin to become pixelated
    • You may then add any further content to your page, as required
    • Click ‘Save and Publish’
    • Select the red preview link or click ‘Home’ to view your changes
    • You may need to refresh your browser - press F5 on your keyboard

How to upload a document

Add a document to Assets Library

  • Login to your website
  • Go to the ‘Home’ page
  • Click ‘Edit Page’
  • Click ‘Assets Library’
  • To add a document:
    • Click on ‘Add a document’
    • Click ‘Browse’ to select a document from your computer (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF etc. - Note: rtf (rich text format) files can not be uploaded)
    • Add a title in the ‘Title’ box to describe the document
    • Use the ‘Teaser’ to give a brief summary of the document
    • There is an option to add copyright details
    • Click ‘Save and Publish’
    • This document is now ready to be used on your website

How to insert a document,audio or video asset into your web page

Inserting an asset

  • Select the page where you want to add the document and click ‘Edit this page'
  • Enter the text that you wish to link to the document (e.g. Latest report...) and highlight it (left click and hold, then drag) or highlight any existing text
  • Click on ‘Insert/edit Link' icon, link icon this will open a popup
  • In the popup click ‘Create Link to Asset or Page'
  • This brings up a ‘Pick Item' explorer
  • Navigate to your document by clicking ‘+' to open (expand) ‘Assets' and then expand ‘Documents' in the same way to see your document/s.
  • Click the link to your document - you can open the link in a new window which means that people remain in the site when they close the document.
  • Click ‘Insert'
  • Click ‘Save and Publish'
  • You may need to refresh your browser screen to see the changes - press F5 on your keyboard
  • Follow the same steps to add the other data types from the asset library e.g. audio & video files.

Insert a link to a web page

Find the web page you want to create a link to and copy the web address (URL) e.g.

  • Login to your website
  • Go to the page where you want to add the link
  • Click ‘Edit Page’
  • Either simply paste the url into the page
  • Or enter the text that describes the link e.g. 'News':
    • Highlight the text
    • Click the ‘Add Link’ icon in the toolbar link icon 
    • A popup form appears – paste in the full web address (URL) into the URL field on form (i.e.
    • Click ‘Insert Link’and your text will be made into a link e.g. News (will link to
  • Click ‘Save and Publish’
  • Select the red 'Preview' link or click ‘Home’ to view your changes
  • You may need to refresh your browser to see the changes (press F5 on your keyboard)