Adding a Photo Album

If you have photographs of an event that you want to put on the website, use the Photo Album to show them in a collection.


To enable the Photo Album

  • Log in to your website
  • Select ‘Manage website’ link near top of your webpages
  • Choose ‘Use Standard pages'
  • A list of services will appear
  • Photo Album - click the ‘Enable’ button under the ‘Actions’ heading
  • Under the ‘Enabled’ heading it should now say ‘Yes’  and Photo Album will appear in your left hand navigation.


Setting up folders for the Photo Album

  • Select ‘Photo Album’ from the navigation menu
  • Click ‘Add a new folder’
  • Add a folder name
  • Add a description of the folder contents
  • Click ‘OK’
  • You’ve now created a folder (container) for all your albums – you can create other folders for other albums if for instance they were about different topics or you can put all your albums in one folder
  • By clicking the hyperlinks below you can manage your folder and add other folders or albums:
    • Add a new folder
    • Add a new album
    • Edit folder information
    • Move this folder to another folder
    • Delete this folder*
    • Modify this folder's permissions
    • Modify this package's parameters


Create a Photo Album

  • Click ‘Add a new album’
  • Complete the form - You only need to fill out the starred (mandatory) fields
  • Click ‘OK’
  • You can make changes to the form by clicking on ‘Edit album attributes’


Adding photos to your Photo album

  • Select ‘Photo Album’ from the navigation menu
  • Click the link to your album
  • You are presented with a menu of options:
    • Add a single photo to this album
    • Add a collection of photos to this album
    • Edit these photos
    • Edit album attributes
    • Move this album to another folder
    • Delete this album* note:  this option is only available when the folder or album is empty, so you need to delete all the photographs before you can delete the album


Adding a single photo

  • Click ‘Add a single photo to this album’
  • Click ‘Browse’ button
  • Choose image from the list
  • Click ‘Open’
  • If you wish enter a short title into the caption text box and add a short description
  • You can also complete the photo story text box
  • Click ‘OK’
  • Repeat this process to add more
  • Note: make sure jpegs have the suffix .jpg, not .jpeg
    To edit any details click on ‘Edit these photos’


Adding a collection – preparation

  • To add a collection of photos you need to put them into a zipped file.  The most common file compressing agent is WinZip -
  • The server is configured for a maximum upload of 40 megabytes
    (that's 40960 kilobytes) at one go. So keep your Win Zip files 20 megabytes at the most and add the zip files one at a time. This way bucksinfo will not take to long to upload them.
Instructions on using Win Zip are below:
  • Open ‘WinZip’
  • Click ‘New’
  • Name the new Archive (folder which will contain the photos)
  • Click ‘OK’.
  • You reach a browser, navigate to your photos
  • Either – add each photo separately to Win Zip
  • or you can make a selection by holding down ‘Ctrl’ key and clicking the ones you want – then click ‘Add’
  • The zip file will be saved in the same folder as the original photos

Adding the Zipped collection

  • Click link ‘Add a group of photos’
  • Click ‘Browse’
  • Choose zip file containing collection
  • Click ‘Open’
  • Click ‘OK’ - this takes you to a log page showing the details of the files being added.
  • Scroll to bottom
  • Click link ‘View the images’ – You are taken to the page where your images are displayed


Editing photos

  • Make sure you are in the Album you want to edit and click link ‘Edit all photos (including hidden)’
  • Scroll down the screen
  • you can now edit the ‘Title’, ‘Caption’, ‘Description’ And ‘Story’
  • There is a check box which allows you to hide the picture
  • Each photo is surrounded by 4 option buttons
  • The 2 option buttons on the left and right rotate the image 90 degrees from its present position
  • If you choose the top or bottom option buttons then the image is rotated 180 degrees
  • When you click ‘Submit’ you may find your image distorted but by pressing ‘F5’ (refresh) and it will display properly
  • You can also perform the edit function on individual photos by:
  • Clicking on the selected photo
  • You will see a menu of options :
    • Show the code required to use this image elsewhere - this is the HTML code of the image for copy and paste
    • Make this photo the cover photo for this album
    • Edit  – allows you to edit the photo as above
    • Delete – allows you to delete photo from display


Deleting a photo

  • Click on the selected photo.
  • From the menu of options select :
    • Delete  – allows you to delete photo from display