Details of recent planning applications 

This update 2014


Erection of detached three bedroom dwelling on land adjacent to 2, bridge Cottages, College Lane, thornton- Appl. no. 11/02142/APP. Comments to AVDC by 15th November 2011


2 outstanding planning applications: 


 Application No. 09/02232/APP- Ammendment to previously approved barn conversion at Furzenfields farm, Thornton Road, Nash.


Application No.11/01784/ACL- Continued use of 1-2 Park Avenue without agricultural restriction.

Planning Application numbers

09/00255/ALB -Thornton College- Approved 

09/00629/APP -Holly Lodge- Approved

09/00253/APP - Crossbridge Farm-Approved

08/02465/APP-4, The Close- Approved 

08/01416/APP- Home Farm-Approved

09/01552/APP- Thornton College-Approved

09/01641/APP- Thornton College-Approved

09/01924/APP-Car Park, Thornton College- Approved

09/02259/APP-3, The Close- Refused 

10/00111/APP-The Stables, Thornton Hall- Approved 

10/00177/APP- Knights Lodge-Approved

09/02232/APP-Furzensfields Farm 

10/00672/APP- Blackfields Farm- Approved. 

10/02116/APP- Home Farm- Approved 

10/02501/APP- Land adjacent to 2, Bridge Cottages-Refused

11/00770/APP- Field View House, The Close-Approved  

11/00886/APP- Tyrellcote Farm-Approved.

11/01662/APP- Knights Lodge- Approved

11/01784/ACL- 1-2 Park Avenue.

11/02142/APP- Land adjacent to 2 Bridge cottages.