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Come and join us for a new monthly event in the TCWET community orchard: an 'Afternoon at the Orchard'!



Led by the Mid Shires Orchard Group, an 'Afternoon at the Orchard' is a new, fun working party for volunteers. It is being set up to undertake the seasonable jobs that need doing to and for the fruit trees planted in the TCWET community orchard. It will take place on every 3rd Sunday of the month, throughout the year, from January 2018 onwards. The timings for this will be from 2pm to 6pm during British Summertime months and from 1pm to 4pm or 5pm, during the Greenwich Mean Time months. If we can muster eight or more volunteers for each session, the 3-4 hours will allow sufficient time and daylight to do whatever is needed in the orchard, to keep it healthy, safe and productive, without feeling like it's hard work or a burden. Having this session in the afternoon will also allow us to get up late, or go to church, or do our shopping, feed the pets or whatever other Sunday morning activities we like to do, then enjoy lunch, before setting to work!



The venue is T&CWET community orchard, behind Coombs Depot, Padbury Road, MK18 2EB.  We will park in either or both of the Coombs Depot car park and the TCWET public car park on the Adstock Road and meet up in the Coombs Depot at the start time.



It’s a few hours of enjoyable outdoor work, in a lovely orchard setting, with good company. Participants can learn new skills such as pruning and scything and hone these with practical work. It's good, gentle exercise too, a 'green gym' for us to enjoy with no membership fee! It's an event that well-behaved children and dogs can join in too. The orchard is a great place for youngsters to play and let off steam while their older family members work on the trees and willing volunteers, to throw a ball for our canine visitors, will always be appreciated. An 'Afternoon at the Orchard' provides a pleasant social setting for taking good care of our local community orchard and enjoying ourselves while doing so. Refreshments are provided and it's also free!



Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress suitably for working outdoors in an orchard environment. Long trousers and long sleeves, stout waterproof footwear and heavy duty workgloves will help keep you dry, warm and free from cuts and scratches. A hat is also useful! Bring your own hand tools - pruning shears, loppers, rakes and even a scythe if you have one. If you don't have any tools, you can borrow ours.



We’ll bring water, squash, tea, coffee and biscuits/cake for break-time and we'll round off the day with a drink and chat at the Coombs Depot. Donations are always welcomed towards the cost of the refreshments, or bring some cake or biscuits to share.



For more details of the event overall, please drop an email to Claire at: MSOGChairman@yahoo.com


Details of each 'Afternoon at the Orchard' session will be posted up in advance, on the Mid Shires Orchard Group website here:



The events will also be posted on the Mid Shires Orchard Group's Facebook page here:




We hope you will join us and look forward to welcoming you to an 'Afternoon at the Orchard'!



With nearly 200 acres of woodlands and a historic quarry to maintain we are always looking for volunteers! If you have experience of arboriculture or are keen to learn click here and contact us to find out more. Whether you have a few hours or a few days to spare per month we would be delighted if you came to help, click here to volunteer.


We have an active fundraising committee and always welcome new members. If you would like to find out more about getting involved with our fundraising campaign click here.