Our Wildlife and Archaeology



Within the woodlands there is a range of recently planted trees, including samples of local fruit specimens and the rare black poplar.

The woods attract a wide variety of birds, including sparrowhawk, red kites, owl, heron and the lesser white throat and provides an ideal space for wild flowers and foliage such as orchid, yellow rattle, oxete daisy, salad burnet and lady’s bedstraw. The wood is also inhabited by deer and other wild animals, including otters which live in the nearby river.







The Quarry

Natural England report that Coombs Quarry is an excellent site with a blend of archaeological, geological and botanical interest. A Regionally Important Geological Site it offers a permanent site where fossil bearing Jurassic limestone can be seen.

The quarry also listed as a Buckinghamshire Heritage Site was opened to the public in 1993 after nearly a century of disuse contains brick and tile works and lime kilns that date back to the 19th century