Whats Happening in the Woodlands


Picnic Table

Created by Men In Sheds ( Winslow) and supported by a grant from Heart of Bucks our new picnic take has been installed near to the quarry. Thanks to our volunteers led by Andy Spurr we now have a great place to stop and rest whilst walking in the woods.


A series of cards with views of the Woods and its wildlife are now available. Cards are available for sale from the Two Brewers


The Buckinghamshire Owl and Raptor Group (BORG) has just built and positioned four new owl boxes in the woods.

BORG is a voluntary group which builds nest boxes, works with landowners to position them in suitable places, then monitors the boxes in conjunction with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

The boxes are for barn owls, which will currently be looking for places to roost and build nests.

BORG is keen to hear from any schools, conservation groups or youth groups which might be interested in finding out more about how to receive one of these boxes. BORG will position the box in a suitable place, then monitor it to see whether there is any breeding success!!

For more information, please contact: 

BORG: Alex Matthews (07545 254109) alexwmatthews@hotmail.com



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