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The Thornborough and Coombs Woodland Enterprise Trust was established in 2015 to preserve and enhance 168 acres of green space within Thornborough parish, near Buckingham, known as Thornborough Community Woodlands and Coombs Quarry.


 We are really excited about finding this tawny  owlet who is about 4 weeks old in one of our owl boxes. This is the second owlet that has fledged this year. 


Remember if you are in the woods please do not approach or disturb the boxes. You never know who might be at home!


Thanks to our friends at BORG (Bucks Owl and Raptor Group) for the boxes and support. You can find out more about them at www.giveahoot.org.uk. They are a group of volunteers always looking for interested people to get involved.



The woodlands and quarry are very popular with the local community. The area is fully enclosed and separated from main roads and farmland by clear boundaries to provide many well signposted walking routes, which makes it a large open space that is unusually safe, particularly for dogs and children. 


Thank you for your support 



We rely on you to keep the woodlands safe and looking good.

All of our activities rely on individual and corpoate support. If you would like to help us you can make a donation through Local Giving, a secure way of making a single or multiple gift. Just click on the link below! Alternatively if you could help us by sponsoring some of our activities click here to contact us


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Remember to enhance your donation through Gift Aid. Your donation will be increased by 20% as HMRC refunds the tax that you have paid on your gift.

Our thanks also go to Steve Hall Photography for the use of his images


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