Discussions Help

Here is some information concerning the TSPS usage of the 'Discussions' facility provided by the Bucksinfo web-hosting service.

Classes of users

Within this website, it is useful to distinguish four types of people:

The Public - Casual browsers who haven't logged in to Bucksinfo.

Registered Users - People who have logged in to their Bucksinfo account but who haven't applied/been accepted to the TSPS group.

Members - Registered Users who have been accepted to join our site. Note that this is quite distinct from Society membership.

Administrators - A select few of the TSPS Committee.


To register as a user capable of posting messages on the discussion board is a two-stage process.

To become a Registered User, you will need to create a log-in with Bucksinfo. Click on "Login" at the top of this page will take you to a page where you must click on "Register now for your login to bucksinfo.net" at the bottom of the page and then provide an Email address, First names, Last name, and a chosen Password.  After you have submitted this,  Bucksinfo will send a message to your email address with a link for you to click on.  Once you have clicked on the link to verify your email address, you will be able to log in to any Bucksinfo website.

To become a Member of this group, you must first log in to Bucksinfo as described above and then click on "Subscribe To This Group" at the top of this page.  This sends an email to an Administrator who will then enable you to join the group.  Since this is not automatic, it may take a few days, but you should get an email saying that you have been accepted.  Note that you can use your Bucksinfo log-in to join any other group under the Bucksinfo umbrella.

General Access

While we are evaluating the facility, the Public do not have access to the temporary discussions, but it is hoped that when the Discussions are used in earnest, the Public will be able to read them.

Only Members may create postings (threads or replies)

 Discussion Structure

Postings form a tree structure with three levels

[1] Discussion Name
       Currently, only administrators can create a new Discussion topic

[2] Threads  (also called Message or Subject)
       Any Member can start a new thread
       Once posted, Members can't edit their own postings
       Only administrators can edit a posting

[3] Reply
       Any Member can post a reply
       Once posted, Members can't edit their own replies
       Only administrators can edit a reply

General Advice

For postings, the recommended font is Arial 12pt

If you have any comments on the operation of this site,
please email: web.tsps@yahoo.co.uk