Who's Who

Will Gee PearsonRector: Revd Will Pearson Gee

Will oversees all of the work going on in the Buckingham Benefice as a whole, but his primary focus is in Buckingham

Contact Tel: 01280 830221

Email:  rector@buckinghambenefice.org.uk



Gussie WalshAssociate Priest: Gussie Walsh

Gussie is responsible for the five villages in the Buckingham Benefice (Radclive cum Chackmore, Thornborough, Nash, Beachampton & Whaddon)

Contact Tel: 01280 821616 

Email: am@buckinghambenefice.org.uk

Address: The Rectory, Chapel Lane, Thornborough MK18 2DJ


Supported by:

  • Revd John King (NSM)
  • Lady Vicky Southby (LLM)
  • John Hamilton (LLM)
  • Sandra Cosby (LLM)
  • Sue Ambrose (LLP)
  • Keith Croxton(LLP) and others.