The Parish Council meetings usually take place once a month (except August) and the next meeting is on Monday July 20th at 7.30pm in the Village Hut but please do check this site or the notice board by Pond Garden.  The Public are welcome to attend and are normally allocated at least 10 minutes at the end of the meeting to raise any points of concern.

Your present councillors are: 


    Alan Powell 01844 201243
   Miriam Boswell 01844 201304
    Maria Millan 01844 201293
    Peter Tansey 01844 208672
    Stephen Capaldi 01844 201884




 The Parish Clerk is:

  Jackie Harman                            01844 201271


Minutes of Meeting Held on:  May 2015

Minutes of Previous Meetings: 15th January 2014    12th February 2014  March 2014   April 2014  May21st 2014  Annual Meeting  May 21st 2014  June 25th 2014. July 28th 2014  September 2014   November 2014  January 2015 Feb 2015  March 2015

Annual Report:  13th May 2013  May 2014 May 2015