The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held an open meeting at the Parish Room on the evening of Monday 8 February. 

Twenty five members of the public came along to offer their thoughts and support and after a short introduction from Paul Firth, they have each joined one of the four working groups established to cover each of the four topic areas of housing, employment, environment and community assests.  They are committed to producing reports of their findings in a couple of months.

One of the key responsibilities of the working groups is to develop the questions that will be included in a questionnaire to be sent out to everyone in the village to help us decide what the community needs in the future. This will then help us to refine/improve/strengthen the draft plan which everyone will have the opportunity to comment on before it’s finalised.

We were very heartened by the number of people who turned up for the meeting and who now are actively engaging with the process. Other members of the community have offered their services even though they were unable to attend the meeting. A sincere thank you to everyone from the Steering Committee. We look forward to the next few months working together.

18:17, 10 Feb 2016 by Website Admin