News and Progress Update 

The Neighbourhood Plan team continues to make progress in the development of the plan.  We’re being guided by an independent specialist who has been involved in a number of successful plans and this will help us to make sure we stay focussed and make progress. 

We worked together in a workshop in December which resulted in the production of our Vision Document.  This is a collection of ideas that we’ve identified following the various consultation activities that we’ve carried out, combined with some challenging ideas about what developments would enhance the life of the village. 

The next step is to develop detailed ideas on the key topic areas of Housing, Employment, Environment and Community Assets.  We are setting up working groups for each of these topics and will be holding a public meeting in the Mark Bulman Parish Room at St Michael’s Church on Monday 8thFeb at 8:00pm.

One of the key responsibilities of the working groups is to develop the questions that will be included in a questionnaire to be sent out to everyone in the village to help us decide what the village needs in the future. This will then help us to refine/improve/strengthen the draft plan which everyone will have the opportunity to comment on before it’s finalised.

Please come along on Monday to make sure you have your say in the development of the village. The more individuals and sectors of the community who contribute, the better the plan will be for everyone. Your contribution really is vital.

You can view the Vision Document here.

We have a contact page which you may wish to use to make your comments and suggestions.

18:54, 05 Feb 2016 by Website Admin