Latest News, 21 December 2016 - Plans Submitted for New Development at Verney Junction.

Planning permission sought to build 6500 new homes. There is a dedicated website


Government Statement on Neighbourhood Plans, 15 December 2016 

The government has this week issued a statement clearly supporting Neighbourhood Plans. Until now, even with a Neighbourhood Plan in place, a community was still at risk from unwanted development if the planning authority couldn’t demonstrate that they have a 5 year supply of housing land. AVDC now has 5.8 years housing land supply. The government has relaxed this to 3 years where there is a Neighbourhood Plan in place, which would give us protection from unwanted development when we have a ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plan and demonstrates the government’s commitment to these plans. 

Click this link for the full details of the statement. 

We have had a great response to the questionnaire and the public consultation events held during November and we are reviewing the information gathered to help us prepare a draft plan for your consideration. This will be prepared early in 2017 and we are hoping to issue a draft version before Easter.


Public Meeting Report, 17 November 2016 

We would like to thank eveybody who attended the Public Meeting on 17 November. Paul Firth opened the meeting with a presentation on the progress to date. A question and answer session then ensued, with the well attended audience being able to air their concerns about various issues relating to the Neighbourhood Plan. The points raised during the debate give us more valuable insight into the views and wishes of the community particularly as we move into the Draft Document phase of the plan.

For anyone unable to attend the meeting, you can find a copy of Paul's presentation here

Finally a reminder that we will be holding an exhibition in The Village Hall on 22 November, 3:00pm to 8:00pm. We have invited developers along to this exhibition and we hope that you will take the opportunity to engage with them directly.


The Online Survey Questionnaire 

The online version of the survey questionnaire is now up and running and can be found here.


Formal Public Consultation Process

Steeple Claydon Neighbourhood Plan is about to enter the next phase of the project - a formal public consultation process. This will happen in four stages over the coming weeks: -

Stage 1

Every household in the village will receive a questionnaire with a post-paid reply envelope. To ensure that the results of the survey are as objective and representative as possible, the responses will be collated and analysed by an independent consultant. All responses will be totally annoymous. An alternative online questionnaire will also be available. We will publish further details when the online version becomes live.

Stage 2

Public Meeting will be held at Steeple Claydon School, 7:30pm, Thursday 17th November, 2016. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions about the plan, or air your own views.

Stage 3

We will be holding an exhibition in the Village Hall, 3:00pm to 8:00pm, Tuesday 22nd November, 2016. Potential developers will also be invited as we are sure that many of you will relish the opportunity to speak to them directly and express your views.

Stage 4

Final date for completion and return of the questionnaire, 30th November, 2016.

We urge every household in the village to complete the questionnaire. The more responses that we get, the more likely will your collective views represented in the final report.


Planning Applications 

Aylesbury Vale District Council have received a planning application for a new development in North End Road. Details of the application can be found at

Although it does not directly apply to Steeple Claydon, a major development proposal for up to 10,000 houses around Verney Junction. Details of this can be seen on the East Claydon Parish Council website at


Public Consultation 

We are making steady progress with the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and are approaching the time when we need your input. In November we will be carrying out our consultation on the plan including a questionnaire for each household, a public exhibition and a public meeting where we welcome your input and comments. For details of these events and information about the Plan please visit return to the website. We will also put posters in shop windows and provide details of the consultation events when we deliver your questionnaire. 

Please take this opportunity to have your say in the development of the village. Remember it is your plan, we gather the facts and present them to you, and it is you who makes the collective decision on what the Paln is.


Picture Gallery Created 5 September 2016

Pictures from around the village added to the Image Gallery


Latest HELAA report published, June 2016

More detail can be found on the News Update Page


Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Draft Published, June 2016

Aylesbury Vale District Council publish a draft of their local plan (VALP). More details here.


News and Progress Update February 2016

The Neighbourhood Plan team continues to make progress in the development of the plan.  We are being guided by an independent specialist who has been involved in a number of successful plans and this will help us to make sure we stay focussed and make progress. 

We worked together in a workshop in December which resulted in the production of our Vision Document.  This is a collection of ideas that we’ve identified following the various consultation activities that we’ve carried out, combined with some challenging ideas about what developments would enhance the life of the village. 

The next step is to develop detailed ideas on the key topic areas of Housing, Employment, Environment and Community Assets.  With this in mind, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held an open meeting at the Parish Room on the evening of Monday 8 February. 

Twenty five members of the public came along to offer their thoughts and support and after a short introduction from Paul Firth, they have each joined one of the four working groups establish to cover each of the topic areas.  They are committed to producing reports of their findings in a couple of months.

One of the key responsibilities of the working groups is to develop the questions that will be included in a questionnaire to be sent out to everyone in the village to help us decide what the community needs in the future. This will then help us to refine/improve/strengthen the draft plan which everyone will have the opportunity to comment on before it’s finalised.

We were very heartened by the number of people who turned up for the meeting and who now are actively engaging with the process. Other members of the community have offered their services even though they were unable to attend the meeting. A sincere thank you to everyone from the Steering Committee. We look forward to the next few months working together.

We have a contact page which you may wish to use to make your comments and suggestions or even volunteer your services.