1. How much does it cost to join? 

    There is no fee for club membership.

    After you have played and paid £6.00 per evening for several weeks you will become a member with no annual membership fee.

    Joining the club is at the discretion of the club committee.


  2. How much does it cost to play each week?

    Court Fees

    There are three options:

    1. Pay £6.00 each evening you actually play (please pay before you start to play).
    2. After several weeks at £6.00 a week you can then either: a) opt to pay £50 for a fixed playing period (10 weeks) to be paid either at the start of each period.
    3. £27.50 to buy 5 evenings to be used in following 10 weeks

    The club has 5 playing periods each year as we nomally we play 50 weeks a year just missing Christmas and New Year.

    There is no refund for any Tuesday a club member can not attend unless the evening is either cancelled by the club or Green Park.

  3. What is the cost for a guest visitor?

    Guest visitors pay £6.50 for the evening.

  4. How do I pay?

    Visitors and anybody paying just for one evening please pay by cash.

    When either  paying for a 10 week playing period or 5 week block we prefer members to pay by cheque payable to Rainbow Badminton Club.


  5. How many courts do you play on?

    The club plays on three courts.

  6. What type of shuttlecocks do you play with?

    The club uses good quality plastic shuttlecocks.

  7. Can I play singles games?

    Not normally.

    Very occasionally if the club turnout on an evening is quiet then there might be an opportunity to play a singles game.

  8. How are the games organised during the evening?

    You will normally play some mixed doubles (men and women) and some non-mixed doubles during the course of an evening.

    Each player has a peg with their name on it and the system ensures that players will play with different members during the evening.

  9. Are there changing rooms and shower facilities?


    Green Park Sports Hall has separate changing rooms with showers for men and women.

  10. What are the playing times?

    The club has use of the Sports Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.