Guest visitors

You can play as a guest visitor for £6.00 per evening.


Joining the club

There is no fee for club membership.

After you have played and paid £6.00 per evening for several weeks you will become a member with no annual membership fee.

Joining the club is at the discretion of the club committee.


Court Fees

There are three options:

  1. Pay £6.00 each evening you actually play (please pay before you start to play).
  2. After several weeks at £6.00 a week you can then either: a) opt to pay £50 for a fixed playing period (12 weeks) to be paid either at the start of each period.
  3. £25 to buy 5 evenings to be used in following 10 weeks

There is no refund for any Tuesday a club member can not attend unless the evening is either cancelled by the club or Green Park.