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The civil parish of Radclive-cum-Chackmore is in the Aylesbury Vale District of north west Buckinghamshire. The parish consists of the hamlet of Radclive and the small village of Chackmore

Radclive is situated on a bend in the river Great Ouse just over one mile to the west of Buckingham. Chackmore is one and a half miles to the north of Buckingham adjacent to the grounds of Stowe Gardens.

According to the 2011 census the parish has 95 homes and a population of 231.



Parish History






Radclive appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 as “Radeclive”, the name believed to be Old English for “Red Cliffs”, relating to the local soil colour and the cliff overlooking the bend in the river Great Ouse.

Chackmore is believed to date from the Anglo Saxon period and means “Ceacca’s moor”

The parish covers 1185 acres, bisected by the river Great Ouse in the south of the parish, the main Buckingham to Brackley road, and the avenue from Buckingham to Stowe in the east of the parish.

Radclive hamlet includes the church of St John The Evangelist. The oldest part of the church, the chancel arch and the south doorway of the nave date back to c1200. The west tower was built in the fourteenth century. The church was restored in 1903

Source; A history of the county of Buckingham. Vol 4 ed William Page 1927.


Parish Council


Meetings: The Parish Council meet bi-monthly in the Parish Hall, Main Street Chackmore

The meetings start at 7.30 pm and are an open forum so all are welcome to attend.


Annual Meeting: The Annual Parish Meeting is scheduled for April each year


Agenda: The agenda is available to view on request on this website in advance of the next meeting


Schedule of meetings:

                        Schedule for 2018




Parish Council Members


Chairman:       Colin Beckett

Councillors:    Fran Davies

                         Paul Holland

                         Sally Howarth

                        Robert Synge

                        Colin Wesley

                        Martin White

Clerk to the Council: Jennifer Beckett

Parish Councillors’ Register of Interests

Under the Localism Act 2011, Aylesbury Vale District Council is required to maintain a register of the interests of the Parish Councillors within the district. To view the Register please click on the link: http://democracy.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/documents/s504/RadcliveCumChackmore.pdf


Chackmore Parish Hall


Chackmore Parish Hall, situated on Main Street is the former Victorian school building. It has since become one of the most important village assets. In 2010 the hall underwent a major refurbishment.

The responsibility for the upkeep and general maintenance of the hall falls to a small group of villagers. Additional volunteers and supporters are always welcome

The hall is used for regular meetings by the Parish Council and at elections it becomes the polling station for the parish

Other regular users are

                                    Yoga Group

                                    Table Tennis league

The Hall is also available for hire for social events, to both residents of the Parish and those outside




Parish Council Minutes


Minutes of the most recent meetings are draft minutes and subject to approval by the Council




            Annual Report

            Annual Audited Accounts

            Asset register






War Memorial


The grounds of the church in Radclive contains a war memorial to those parish men who fell in the First World War, 1914-1918

Currently the memorial is showing signs of age and is in need of repair and refurbishment. A committee of residents has been formed to manage the renovation in time for its centenary

For further details contact Paul Holland

At the Parish Council meeting in March, the council agreed to support the required refurbishment work. The aim is to seek match funding from community contributions in order to meet the estimated £3.5k cost. The committee welcome any contributions or indeed ideas for fund raising. Grateful

thanks to the Chackmore Fun Day team and all who attended who raised a magnificent £500 towards the restoration

First stage works have now been completed with the stonework dramatically cleaner. Next stage in spring to repair the plinth

For May and june we are competing for local charity funding in the Buckingham Tesco stores - so please collect your tokens and support us







Transport and Traffic



Traffic Issues

Speeding: The Parish Council have noted residents’ concerns regarding speeding through Chackmore. We have investigated options and this has shown that additional signage and prevention measures such as flashing advisory signs, would have to be funded by us and are prohibitively expensive.

The Parish Council has agreed to fund a speed census and we are now waiting confirmation of dates from Transport for Bucks

HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles): Radclive is experiencing problems with HGVs running through the village despite designation of the road as “unsuitable for large vehicles”.

Most vehicles are travelling from the Brackley road where signage is poorest and indeed conflicting. We have raised this with Transport for Bucks and are attempting to get a resolution

Meanwhile offending transport operators are being logged and contacted, and residents should note and advise any transgressions. Persistent offenders include;

            Muller Wiseman Dairies

            Arla Dairies
















Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

In 2015 residents of the Parish determined that we did not wish to undertake a Neighbourhood Development Plan with the Parish being so small. Instead focus would be on understanding the impacts of other plans in the area, particularly the Buckingham Town Neighbourhood Development Plan and working with AVDC on their revised Local Plan.

The resident’s meeting however established a number of principles which should guide the Parish Council response. In particular was a desire to preserve the “village feel” of both communities and to keep them identifiably distinct from the outward growth of Buckingham.

Buckingham Plan: The Council successfully objected to the initial Buckingham Development Plan which involved development within the Parish boundary. The subsequent version of the plan now reflects changes that keeps westward development within the town boundary.

Draft VALP: This plan is currently with the planning inspectorate for approval. It defines proposed development for the area through to 2033, focusing on housing and employment land. Supporting infrastructure definition is due to follow with Bucks CCs’ Infrastructure Development Plan

In our area the focus is on the development of Buckingham which will need to provide 2571 homes. Currently, against the Buckingham Development Plan there is a shortfall of 557 homes. The AVDC plan has identified an additional 1212 home sites and so all development areas should have been designated in the plan.

For Radclive-cum-Chackmore, whilst western Ouse Valley sites are reduced in scope, this is development around the river which already has flood issues. As the plan evolves we will monitor carefully how any plan proposes to address the flooding issue and its possible impact on Radclive.

Chackmore, as a small village, has a targeted housing requirement of 4 in the plan. With one completion and one commitment, that becomes an additional two sites required over the life of the plan.

Local Landscape Area: The plan proposes taking LLA status away from the Great Ouse Valley (west). The council are concerned over that proposed move and will be raising the concern with AVDC as part of the consultation exercise.

Conservation Areas: No changes are proposed to either in the plan and they will therefore remain the main planning control mechanism in both parts of the parish.




Planning Applications

An application has been submitted for the conversion of the barn at the crossroads of the A422 and Chackmore road. The Parish Council has raised concerns regarding vehicle access to the site


The Parish Council have responded to the consultation on the proposed Tingewick Road development. Whilst this large development falls entirely within Buckingham Town boundaries, we have requested that planning conditions are imposed to prohibit construction traffic from coming through Radclive

Associated works will start shortly on the new roundabout at the top of Tingewick road which will bring disruption to the A421 and likely extra traffic diverting through Radclive













 Alert - Neighbourhood Watch



Radclive roadworks

              The flooded road on Radclive hill which was repaired last Spring thanks to pressure from many stakeholders has now deteriorated at the margins due to water run off and led to a number of potholes developing. The worst ones have been reported on the TfB pothole site in March 18.

Chackmore potholes

              Fran has recently photographed and reported a number of potholes in Chackmore. These were promptly attended to by TfB - Mar 18. please continue to log potholes on the TfB website




              As Radclive residents will be only too aware, broadband in the village runs at a snails pace. Openreach have no plans at this time to put superfast into the village and so we have been looking at alternatives. Robert has been in touch with a broadband supply company called Sugarnet. They are currently working on a similar project with Barton Hartshorn. Sugarnet have suggested that if we can get 40 residents signed up between the two then they would erect a mast to give line of sight connectivity. sugarnet would then install a receiver box on each house to then connect to a router.

             The one off connection charge would be £169 per house, but for anyone receiving less than 2 mb/s a grant of £160 is available. After that packages range from £20 per month for 5 Mb/s to £50 per month for 30 Mb/s. Details on https://www.sugarnet.co.uk/home-broadband/ . Robert is currently collecting expressions of interest so please contact him directly at roberts@apollodevelopments.com

             Currently we have 10 expressions of interest against our target of 20.

             As at Feb 18 Openreach have confirmed that they will, at some point, upgrade the cabinet on the A421 which should give a small boost to speeds





















Useful Links


Aylesbury Vale District Council:


County Councillor – Buckingham West, Charlie Clare


District Councillor – Tingewick Ward, Patrick Fealey


MP – Buckingham, John Bercow



St John The Evangelist:


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The Queens Head:






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Martin White vice chairman, Radclive cum Chackmore Parish Council