Current Issues

These pages will summarise current issues which PVA wishes to draw to the attention of members.  Links will be provided, making it easy for members to send their views to the relevant councillors, officials, and group leaders within the community.


PVA intends to keep you abreast of issues such as:


Wheelie bins for Prestwood


Wheelie bins are rolling into Prestwood in the quest for efficiency and improved re-cycling rates.  We hear that exceptions may be permitted for certain properties.  See also:







Gypsies' and Travellers' sites in Prestwood?

 Local planning authorities are required to make provision for the needs of Gypsies andTravellers and Travelling Showpeople. "Opinion Research Services (ORS) have been appointed to conduct a Bucks Travellers' Needs Assessment on behalf of all four District authorities in Buckinghamshire. ORS have significant experience of these kinds of studies and are currently working with other Local Authorities within Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. This jointly commissioned piece of work will objectively assess the likely future accommodation needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople over the next 10 years. It is anticipated that extensive survey work with the travelling community will be undertaken early in the New Year, followed by a final report in the Spring 2013." (

See also



See Feb 2013 update from HS2 Action Alliance at

250 additional homes for Great Missenden Parish by 2025?  

PVA is researching both the policies governing and the proposals for housing development in Prestwood. The results will be published here.


Sainsbury's for Prestwood

Chiltern District Council has approved the development of the former Farm-to-Freezer premises into a Sainsbury’s convenience store and construction work has begun. 

Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs

 In 2008 Prestwood residents put speeding at the top of their list of priorities for the attention of TVP.  Community Speedwatch was established and equipped to assist TVP with the  enforcement of speed limits throughout the Parish of Great Missenden.  Now funds have been approved for the purchase of  Moveable Vehicle  Activated Signs (MVAS) and their associated mounting points of which there will be 10 throughout the Parish.  The signs will be moved between sites by volunteers.  The signs will reinforce the existing speed limit signs and remind drivers to keep an eye on their speed. The Community Speedwatch campaign will continue - if you wish to help with either of these initiatives please use the Contact Us page.

PVA also intends to publicise upcoming local events and activities that you may wish to support and services you may need.


As soon as we are better informed about devlopments we will provide you with the information and the means easily to  have your say. 


If you are aware of an issue which you feel should be publicised via this website please contact us via: