We hope that competitors will seek sponsorship for their runs.  It's a great way of raising money for a good cause, and gives you an incentive for all that training.

Please click here to obtain a sponsorship form.

A few tips for raising sponsorship:

  1. Set the level of sponsorship - get the first person who sponsors you to give as much as possible.  Often subsequent sponsors will match that amount.
  2. Make the most of work colleagues - ask colleagues, suppliers and clients to support you.  Ask them by person, by phone or email, whichever you feel most comfortable with.
  3. Ask your employer to sponsor you - or to match the sponsorship money you raise.
  4. Carry your sponsorship form with you at all times - so you're always prepared to add a new sponsor.  It's amazing how often you can slip your challenge into conversations. If people you don't know sponsor you, try and collect their money there and then.  
  5. Circulate sponsor forms - to friends and family for them to fill with their contacts.
  6. Gift Aid - ask your sponsors whether they are taxpayers and can tick the box for gift aid.  It's worth 25p extra for every £1 you are sponsored.
  7. Finally - KEEP ON GOING.   Remember when approaching supporters it's your enthusiasm and commitment that will make all the difference.
You can download a sponsorship form for our chosen charity by clicking here.