The Branch has been rather inactive in the last 18 months due in the main to the long term illness of Terry Price our Chairman. Sadly, Terry passed away in June 2017 leaving only Clive Teare (Secretary) and Ernie Shankster (Treasurer) to run the ship. Ernie Shankster had already given notice that he intended to step down so activity in late 2017 came to a virtual stop. In order that the Branch did not fold up completely, a group of members held am impromptu meeting at the Brigade Carol Concert in December 2017. At that meeting, two members volunteered to step in and fill the vacancies of Chairman and Treasurer and to assist the Secretary in getting the Branch active again. Accordingly, and since no other nominations had been forthcoming, the two new Branch officials were appointed.

The Branch officials are now as follows:

Secretary      Clive Teare

Chairman      Eddie Gutteridge

Membership Secretary/Treasurer  Geoff Bowles.


18:44, 05 Apr 2018 by Geoffrey Paul Bowles


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