Welcome to all who enter this site. It is dedicated to former uniformed members who served with Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. It is hoped that there will be a births deaths and marriage section and other sections including news from our colleagues in the Brigade, the Association at National level and any variations in our pension provision.

The bulk of the sites content must however be provided by the members so please let Clive Teare or Geoff Bowles have any stories, and news that may be of interest; they don't have to be typed but should be marked if time sensitive.

The site we are part of is a source of information on all Buckinghamshire County Council and associated organisations so it is of considerable value for obtaining information

Finally if there are any former members of BF&RS out there who are not members of NARF please come along and join us you are guaranteed a warm welcome.

SEND YOUR ENQUIRY TO: cliveteare@sky.com or gpbowles@btinternet.com

Jeff Goddard
Branch President