WANT TO GET FIT? Then Join us

The Bucks 50+ Forum have a special gym membership scheme with Bisham Abbey (Harpers)  This allows all OPAG members to join as Corporate members at special rates. 

The membership is open to all 50+ members and carries all the benefits of Bisham Abbey facilities. The Scheme runs from the 1st November to the 31st October each year, if you join part way through the year you only pay pro-rata.

Current full year costs: £250.(£4.80 per week) 

If you would like to join us then please contact

Terry Price on 01628 484309

and request an application form. You will be sent all the required forms and instructions that you need to enable you to start on the road to CHANGING YOUR LIFESTYLE.

In conjuction with Bisham Abbey we helped set up their PRIME TIMERS which meets at the Gym on Tuesday and Thursdays