There have been some issues recently and in fact in the past regarding current dress code for matches at Marlow, hopefully the committee can appraise that situation and come to a conclusion that will suit most people. The general feeling is that rollup dress code should favour a more relaxed format whilst still adhering to the principles of club shirts and the appropriate bottoms for competitive matches. Although there has been some comments made about the different shades of grey of mens trousers for example this probably needs to be mulled over at some point in time ?

12:25, 27 May 2018 by PAUL SIMMONS

Despite a torrent of abysmal weather the Bucks v Berks county match miraculously went ahead at Marlow last Wednesday and although the match was restricted to 18 ends, the ground was very playable despite the persistent and sometimes heavy rain.

It was an entertaining match which Berks ultimately won 107-88 and of course the conditions were not ideal for good bowling especially in respect of gripping the bowl but there were several very good comments about the Marlow green and how well it had played. However the weather did not detract from the day and Marlow is particularly pleased that everyone who came along enjoyed the day and the environment at Marlow Bowls Club. Special mention must go to Kate and her son for the excellent meal that they provided and also to Fred Burton John Coombes and George Malster for their help behind the bar along with Club Captain Clive Brooks for doing the raffle.

One of the most memorable things about the day was seeing one time Marlow stalwart bowler Derek Barton back at Marlow playing on his old hunting ground after leaving the area several years ago. Derek is indeed one of the most likeable people you could meet and is still as charming and likeable as ever, it was great to see him again.

11:13, 18 May 2017 by PAUL SIMMONS

Bob Coombs must be thanked for his "calling" expertise on Saturday April 22nd at the club Bingo Night, which was very well attended.The Fish n Chips ( or Sausage n Chips ) was very good indeed, it arrived on time, hot and tasty so well done to the Marlow Bottom fish shop.

For the Bingo afficionados the night was extremely successful with plenty of prizes being shared out, although for some lesser mortals it was a bit of a testing experience, trying to work out how all the bingo formats worked !
Don's Marlow based quiz was very good and a nice change from the standard general knowledge quiz.

A huge thanks go to the helpers on the night particularly Fred and George behind the bar and everyone who cleared up afterwards.


10:49, 23 Apr 2017 by PAUL SIMMONS


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