Robert Blake, Andy Savin and Dave Turner forged a route into the Quarter Finals of the County Triples after beating High Wycombe at Pound Lane and are joined by Dave White, Tim Hyde and Stewart Rump in the quarters who beat the other Marlow triple of Paul Simmons, Trevor Day and Peter Barltrop in a close match 17-16. The Quarter finals take place at Aylesbury Town.

Marlow could only win on one rink at home to High Wycombe in the Chiltern & Thames league and lost on overall score by 9 shots. Lynda Taplin, John Boult and Fred Burns were the only winners getting a 16-14 victory whilst Clive Brown, Geraldine Perrin and Peter Jennings just grabbed a last end equaliser 15-15.

It was a great attempt by a much changed Marlow team but they could not match the power of Gerrards Cross in the Mens Double Fours at the weekend. It was always going to be tough call for Marlow but Bill Pocock, Peter Barltrop, Alex Hammill and Ian Burns were 4-2 ahead at an early stage of the game but Gerrards Cross turned on the power to dominate the game. Alan Steptoe, Mike Woolams, Martyn Nicholas and Dawson Whitman conversely were 0-6 down and were always behind but they kept in the game and were 8-18 down when the match was conceded.

Robert Blake and Andy Savin closed out there BBA County pairs match against Marlow rivals Dave White and Stewart Rump and now face Peter Horton from Chesham. Paul Simmons and Trevor Day were in a very tight game against Bob Broad of High Wycombe but the game turned in the penultimate end when the home team grabbed 6 shots to take a 4 shot lead and Wycombe could not retrieve that deficit and now the Day and Simmons face another Wycombe pairing in the next round.

Marlow hosted Shiplake over a hot and sunny weekend and the heat clearly sapped the energy of the home bowlers as only the rinks of Clive Brown, Geraldine Perrin, Dennis Bloomfield and Ralph King, Peter Barltrop and Brian Jonson who kept the visitors at bay winning 19-12 and 17-14 respectively.  But the remaining 3 rinks all struggled and Shiplake completed their victory by 20 shots 66-86.

A visit to old friends and rivals Chesham in the Chiltern & Thames League was unsuccesful on this occasion as Marlow won on 2 rinks out of three but lost on overall score gaining only 4 points from a possible 10.  Bill Pocock, Dawson Whitman and Jean Barltrop got the top rink with an 18-15 win and Clive Brown, Peter Barltrop and Felicity Rees were one behind after 15 ends but won the last 3 ends to secure a 15-13 win.
However Marlow gained some revenge in the BBA Triples when they won a very close encounter with a team led by the mercurial  Chesham veteran Alan Cohn, with 2 ends to go Marlow's team of Paul Simmons, Trevor Day and Peter Barltrop were 12-14 down but grabbed a life-saving 6 on the 17th end and held on for a tight 18-16 victory.

In a sensational finish Roger Turpie's foursome pulled off a brilliant win in the extra end to put Marlow through to the next round of the Tony Alcock competition following a close match throughout on both rinks.  Trevor Day, Mike Woolams, Suzanne Bell and Carol Hyde were behind early on but came back to lead 12-6 after 10 ends whilst Roger Turpie, Pam Butler, Rosie Fields and John Boult were well down 4-16.

But as the match progressed Roger Turpie and his team inched their way back into the match and come 16 ends they were 18-17 ahead. As the match reached the 21st end it was too close to call Trevor Day finished up 19-18 whilst Roger Turpie closed 21-22 to make the match scores level 40-40.  Roger and his team brilliantly took the extra end by 2 shots to give Marlow another home match in the next round against Banbury Central Bowls Club.

The Marlow Ladies fashioned a 4 shot win against Desborough in midweek with 2 winning rinks  16-14 and 18-9 and this was despite a 13-20 losing rink, the final score 47-43  to Marlow.

A hectic bowling schedule for Marlow concluded with a 2 rink win at Bassetsbury in the National Mens Double Fours on Friday. It was a mixed start for Marlow as Paul Simmons, Roger Turpie, Andy Savin and Robert Blake took a 6-1 lead after 3 ends and went further ahead 13-5 in the 8th end. They persevered and dominated the scoring ending up 28-13 winners. Brian Jones, Trevor Day, Nobby Anson and Dave Turner had a difficult early session  and in the 9th end were 4-14 down but they bounced back helped with two consecutive scores of 5 for a dogged 25-19 win.

Marlow came through their second round Top Club match against Chesham this week on a sun drenched Marlow green winning 4-1. The first rink to finish was Paul Simmons who took an early lead, went 4 down but came back to clinch the 2 wood match for Marlow's first winning rink. Next to complete was Dave Turner who was just 2 shots ahead at the halfway stage but powered through 6 consecutive winning ends to win 21-7. This provided the platform for further wins by Andy Savin and Robert Blake in the pairs as they put in a tremendous performance in restricting Chesham to just 4 winning ends for a 26-6 win. Dave White, Trevor Day and Peter Tassi were in a close contest but were in pole position at the close of play 12-11 ahead.

Marlow now face either Gerrards Cross or Headington.

Expectations of a sunny day by the seaside were dashed at Lee on Solent on Saturday as high winds contrived to spoil the party for Marlow and they suffered in the conditions with only Trevor Day and Bill Pocock skipping victoriously.  Indeed it was a bit of a "family affair" too as Trevor Day had Bob Dixon and Jean Barltrop in support as they reached the heights with a 26-13 win and then Helen Dixon led with John Henniker and Bill Pocock as they won 19-13. But the remaining four rinks could not cope with the winds or the opposition and Marlow ultimately lost the match 82-119.


The ladies took on Chesham in the Trundell competition and did sufficiently well at home winning handsomely  29-8 and although the away triples were defeated 15-19 the home side of Lynda Taplin, Pam Butler and Sue Burden out gunned their opponents to get the extra points for the overall best score.

A superb top rink win for Tim Hyde, Alan Burden, Peter Burgess and John Coombes was the highlight for Marlow as they conquered the travelling bowls team of Ad Finem 101 - 76 despite losing on 3 out of 5 rinks.  They surged ahead to a big 17-1 lead after 8 ends and sailed through the game allowing their opponents only 5 shots to win 40-5.  The other winning rink for Marlow was Ray Jenks, Bill Pocock, Peter Barltrop and John Stevens who came from 5-10 down in the 8th end to chalk up a 26-18 win. The rink of Clive Brooks, Alex Hamill, Ian Burns, and Dennis Bloomfield were ahead throughout their game but dropped a 5 towards the close and eventually lost 14-17.

Marlow completed the double over Glory Mill in their second Chiltern and Thames match of the season at home recently. There were two winning rinks for Marlow. Lynda Taplin, Roger Cantell and David Alexander were mostly in control and won their match 21-11 and this was followed by Doug Pounds, Mike Woolams and Sheila Pounds who took the spoils 19-11. Sadly Clive Brooks's rink could not follow suit and lost 14-21 but this gives Marlow 8 points to 2 with a 54-43 overall win.

Following the defeat of the Marlow A team to Chesham two weeks ago it was sweet revenge as the Marlow B team did the double over Chesham winning on both rinks in the Tony Alcock National Mixed Double Fours competition.

Mags Shelley, Roger Turpie, Suzanne Bell and John Boult were leading the way as they built up an impressive lead winning by 11 shots 26-15. But Trevor Day, Mike Woolams, Sue Burden and Carol Hyde were also in a winning frame of mind matching the  score of their teammates with 26 shots and conceding 20. The match going to Marlow 52-35 and Marlow now face Cheddington in the next round.

Two home matches in a row for Marlow meant expectations were high but it was a case of "77 Sunset Strip" in the words of the old but famous American TV programme.

Marlow entertained High Wycombe first up and there were wins by Clive Brooks, Tanis Hudson and Clive Brown who were mostly ahead winning 21-12 and Doug Pounds, Peter Barltrop and Dennis Martin who were 8-1 down at one point but  pulled it round for a 20-13 victory. The other three rinks all lost as High Wycombe took the match 77-83.

On Saturday Maidenhead Town were the visitors and again all Marlow could muster was 77 shots. Top rink for Marlow was Alan Burden, Anne White, and Clive Brooks who went ahead in the 3rd end and never relinquished their lead to win 21-13. The rink of Peter Barltrop, Don Isaacs and Sue Burden had a creditable draw 14-14 whilst Trevor Day skipped his side to a narrow loss with the score of 13-15 for the second consecutive game.  Maidenhead ran out winners 77-86.

A super week for Marlow in the Bucks Cup as the men beat Chess Vale winning 3 rinks out of 4 to secure pole position in the Division with 47 points after winning 71- 45 and a home quarter final draw. The ladies ripped through Chesham in the National Top Club winning on all 4 rinks with a big 90-30 shot triumph.

Felicity Rees won the singles easily 21-4 and then Jean Barltrop and Mags Shelley  had a massive victory 31-6 whilst Lynda Taplin, Suzanne Bell and Geraldine Perrin won the triples 20-10 and then Sheila Pounds, Sue Burden, Carol Hyde and Pam Butler clinched a storming 18-10. A pulsating and inspirational win that sees a second round match at Hazells for Marlow ladies.

Another scintillating performance from Marlow ladies was the order of the day at Oxford as firstly Mags Shelley, Sue Burden, Tanis Hudson and Jean Barltrop, who were ahead throughout their match, powered through the last 8 ends winning them all bar one for a superb 23-8 win. Lynda Taplin, Pam Butler, Chris Iszatt and Geraldine Perrin were hot on their tails and  finished strongly to win 23-12, two great performances by the ladies.

It was not such good news for the men as only Clive Brooks, and Dave White's rinks won. Clive, John Boult and Ian Burns were consummate winners and excelled in the 13th end getting a fabulous hot-shot 9 and this boosted their score for an awesome 31-12 victory. Dave White, Peter Butler and Alan Burden were ahead most of the time and ran out 19-11 winners. The remaining 3 rinks lost and despite the large win by Clive Brooks Marlow were just edged out 79-86.

Marlow ladies won on all 3 rinks away to Flackwell Heath this week although all the scores were close. Lynda Taplin, Jean Barltrop and Elizabeth Bamford were 9-9 after 13 ends but fought purposefully to close out the game 15-12. Pam Butler, Chris Iszatt and Geraldine Perrin were 16-10 ahead with 2 ends to go and almost got caught out but just held on to win 16-14,  The most exciting match was played out on the rink of Mags Shelley, Sue Burden and Sue Moore. With both teams on 5 each after 7 ends Marlow went 10-8 ahead in the 13th end but with just 2 ends to go they fell one shot behind but incredibly pulled level in the 17th  and then got the winning shot in the final end 13-12.

A misty but stifling Sunday morning did not phase the Marlow Men's double fours squad as they battled to a 5 shot win over Amersham in the Men's Double Fours National competition. Paul Simmons, Roger Turpie, Andy Savin and Robert Blake were ahead by 8 shots into the 13th end but conceded ground against their opponents approaching the end but just held on for a 20-19 win. Dave White, Stewart Rump, Nobby Anson and Dave Turner  were always ahead in their game  and clinched the match with a fine 19-15 victory.

Marlow's B team match against Chesham in the National Tony Alcock Trophy was a bit of a special affair as the winner would be matched against Marlow's A team but the prospect of an all-Marlow second round match did not inspire the Marlow bowlers as both rinks lost 16-22 and 12-29, so Marlow A will face Chesham in the next round of this mixed double fours competition.

A second home win was the order of the day when Marlow hosted Shiplake at the weekend but despite winning on 3 rinks out of 5 it was a very close match. The top rink for Marlow was Lynda Taplin, Don Isaacs and John Battersby who were tied at 10-10 after 11 ends but from then only dropped one more shot to chalk up a 22-12 victory. Trevor Day got his second win of the week as he directed operations with Brian Jonson and Ann White. They were 15-15 with two ends to go, hit a 6 in the penultimate end and won 22-15. Mags Shelley got the third win 15-9 but Marlow only just scraped home by 2 shots 81-79.

Marlow won on 4 rinks out of 5 when they entertained Loudwater onThursday which included a thunderous victory by the returning Trevor Day ( on holiday ) with his rink of Pam Butler and Ian Burns who dismantled their opponents 32-6. There were also victories for Peter Barltrop, Alan Bartram and Jean Barltrop 17-14, Mags Shelley, Peter Jennings and John Coombes 16-15, and Doug Pounds, Felicity Rees and Tony Cresswell 15-14. This ensured a 20 shot win 89-69 for Marlow.

Marlow ladies visited Gerrards Cross recently and in a challenging match were just inched out of an overall win by 6 shots. Sheila Pounds, Tanis Hudson and skip Geraldine Perrin were neck and neck after 12 ends but then surged towards the end to pick up a handsome 21-11 victory. The rinks of Jean Barltrop and Lynda Taplin were not so happy. Lynda Taplin's rink was all square after 7 ends but then dropped a 5 and never got back losing 10-19. The final score a win for Gerrards Cross by 48 shots to 42.

A dominant home performance by Brian Jones, Nobby Anson and Dave Turner winning 24-6 was the catalyst as Marlow  completed their third Bucks Cup match with a 66-45 victory overall against Chesham. Over at Chesham the two Marlow rinks were in close combat throughout the night, Andy Savin, Roger Turpie and Robert Blake were 4-6 down at the halfway stage but rallied to draw level then pulled away towards the end winning 15-9. Paul Simmons, Alan Steptoe and John Boult were 11-12 down after 15 ends but just did enough to win 14-13. This gives Marlow 12 points from a possible 14.

Marlow excelled in their first round Top Club match away to Chalfont St Giles winning on 4 rinks out of 5. First to finish was Paul Simmons in the 2 wood winning 19-7, quickly followed by Dave Turner who won 22-14. But the key game was on the rink of Brian Jones, Roger Turpie, Nobby Anson and Don Rockell as they took a commanding early lead of 12-0 then continued the pressure to lead 23-1 after 10 ends. The Marlow pairing of Robert Blake and Andy Savin were in a close tussle and were 16-12 ahead when Chalfont conceded the fours match after 19 ends with the score at 32-5 and this clinched the match for Marlow who now face either Chesham or Amersham in June.

After a series of defeats Marlow put in a swashbuckling performance against arch rivals Chesham in a hot sunny environment  and the icing on the cake in this two leg affair, The Jubilee Cup, was a scintillating win by Clive Brown, Ann White and Ian Burns who were 5 down after 2 ends but then won every end bar two including an 8 in the fifth end. They completed a solid win 38-9. Doug Pounds and Clive Brooks both had winning rinks and this all contributed to a convincing 93-61 win for Marlow.

It was another poor day for Marlow when they travelled to Amersham. Despite the two winning rinks of Lynda Taplin, Tanis Hudson and Ian Burns 20-13 and Clive Brown, Alan Burden and Sue Moore 22-16 the result was savage for Marlow as they lost overall 64-120. Two of the rinks Marlow could only manage single figure scores against their opponents and the other rink just crept into double figures but all three suffered heavily in the end.

The second batch of Bucks Cup matches pitched Marlow against local rivals High Wycombe and again it was the rink of Brian Jones, Nobby Anson and Dave Turner who led the way at home with a solid 27-8 win. At a very cold Wycombe the rinks of skips Andy Savin and Paul Simmons were ahead from the off with the former winning 19-11 the latter 22-7. Dave White lost out at home 12-19 this gave Marlow an overall 80-45 win and additonal 12 points to 2 towards their divisional position. Next week Marlow face Chesham.

The Marlow bowlers must be feeling a little deflated right now after a poor showing away to Amersham. All 4 rinks lost and it was only Doug Pounds, Don Isaacs and Lynda Taplin who came close to a victory but just got inched out 16-17. Clive Brown, George Malster and Sue Burden were moving sweetly through the gears holding a 13-5 advantage after 8 ends, but their opponents rallied with Clive's threesome only scoring 2 more shots to lose 15-20. John Coombes and Clive Brooks and their teams could not match the opposition both losing heavily.

Marlow began their 2018 Chiltern & Thames competition with a trip to Glory Mill this week and the highlight was a 25-4 victory from Mags Shelley(skip), Alan Steptoe and Peter Barltrop. Clive Brooks, Felicity Rees and Ian Burns chipped in with a close win but Don Rockell's threesome were 14-4 ahead and cruising but failed to score again and lost 14-19. Marlow take the points 8 - 2

A hard looking fixture against Iver Heath in the London Southern Counties Challenge Shield was indeed just that as the two teams of 4 men failed by 10 shots to progress. Andy Savin's rink playing at home were ahead for much of their game but only just got a result by one shot. Paul Simmons foursome travelled to Iver Heath and were off to the worst possible start dropping 6 in the first end, but they inched back and drew level at 10-10 midway through the game. But Iver then nicked 3 shots which proved pivotal in the end and as the lights came on Iver increased their lead to win 24-13.

Marlow's Bucks Cup campaign began with a good showing against Bassetsbury with 2 winning rinks 1 drawn and one defeat. The 2 home rinks had mixed fortunes early on with Dave White's rink 8-2 ahead after 6 ends whilst Brian Jones and his team were 2-6 down but as the game progressed the balance of power changed. Brian surged ahead and took their match 21-12 but Dave White conceded 10 shots in 4 ends to lose by a single shot 16-17.
Over at Bassetsbury Andy Savin's rink were 7-0 up after 3 ends then gave 6 away but edged into the lead and secured a 19015 win with 3 shots on the last end. Paul Simmons' threesome were in a tight game and were looking in good shape 4 shots ahead in the 14th end but they faltered and went into a murky last end 2 down but got 2 shots to draw. The final match score Marlow 71 Bassetsbury 59 giving Marlow 11 ponts to 3.

The sunny Bank Holiday weekend did little to inspire Marlow bowlers as they followed the Oxford 14 shot overall defeat with another 14 shot defeat against Burnham.
Clive Brown,Dawson Whitman,Mike Miller and George Malster took the top rink award against Oxford winning 27-10 but Paul Simmons, Alan Steptoe,Roger Cantell and Dennis Bloomfield was Marlow's only other winning rink with a 19-13 score. On the two ladies rinks Suzanne Bell,Sue Burden,Elizabeth Bamford and Felicity Rees drew 15-15 whilst Pam Butler,Tanis Hudson,Sue Miller and Jean Barltrop lost 20-24.

The visit of Burnham was hoping to be a win for Marlow but only Peter Barltrop,Bob Perrin and Sue Moore took up the fight with a solid 28-9 win and apart from that only Lynda Taplin,Don Isaacs, Peter Jennings managed anything with a 16-16 draw but the other 3 rinks all lost.

The Marlow bowlers endured arctic conditions during the annual Presidents v Captains match over the weekend, although it could have been far worse had the anticipated rain intervened but this was an endurance test for sure as Don Isaacs and his sidekicks just edged a very close match.

Don Isaacs, Mags Shelley and Ian Burns blazed an early warning taking a 12-0 lead up against Club Captain Clive Brooks, Martin Timbrell and Jean Barltrop and eventually took the match 23-15. Ralph King, Geraldine Perrin and George Malster were in a closely fought game and just edged it 17-15. Paul Simmons,Mike Miller and Elizabeth Bamford were ahead throughout their game up against Lynda Taplin, Peter Butler and Bill Pocock and only just secured top rink winning 20-11

All the matches were well contested but no more so than the match between Pam Butler, Ray Justice and Peter Barltrop as they were all square after 12 ends at 8-8 and 16 ends at 12-12 but they were just inched out by Clive Brown, Sue Burden and John Battersby at the death 13-15. The final result  97-95 to the Presidents team.

Marlow's first match of 2018 began with a close win against Thame at home 106-100. Top rink was Roger Turpie, Lynda Taplin and Martin Timbrell who took a 5 shot lead in the first end, before they were almost caught in the 10th end but then scored 14 shots including an 8 on one end to clinch a positive 26-18 win. Clive Brooks, George Malster and Jean Barltrop were behind after 3 ends but turned it round and led 9-5 after 7 ends and continued ahead to win 18-10. There were wins for Doug Pounds, Bob Perrin and Sheila Pounds 19-16 and Clive Brown, Geraldine Perrin and Denis Bloomfield 15-11. Sadly the two Peters, Barltrop and Tassi, could not find a winning formula and skipped two losing rinks.


A fascinating ensemble of Marlow bowlers were up against the might of Handy Cross recently in an indoor bowls contest at the new bowling arena at High Wycombe.

As the 18 end match progressed it was clearly backs against the wall for 3 of the 4 Marlow teams and only Bill Pocock's team of Clive Brown, Peter Jennings and Margaret Day got ahead in the early stages and remained focused to complete a tidy 18-11 victory.

Doug Pounds, Alan Pering, Ian Burns and Sheila Pounds were languishing 1-17 down after 9 ends whilst Trevor Days' foursome with Clive Brooks Ann White and Peter Barltrop were 9 shots behind after 12 ends and were still 6 shots in arrears after 15 ends. But miraculously Trevor and his team crunched their numbers in the last 3 ends scoring 10 shots to register a superb 18-17 victory.

Meanwhile on the rink skipped by Roger Turpie, who had John Coombes, Christine Pering and Alan Bartram under his command, they too were on the back foot 0-6 down after 4 ends and still 12 shots behind with only 3 ends to go but they too finished with a flurry scoring 11 to finish only 1 shot behind Handy Cross.

Doug Pounds' team could not quite muster the same fightback that Day and Turpie managed but came close as they fought back from 16 shots down to within 3 shots of Handy Cross in the 16th end, but their opponents saw out the last two ends for a 15-22 win. 
But nevertheless an absorbing contest that ended up all square 70 shots each.