5k summer series 2013 - June 12th results

Don't rain on my parade - please!

Barbara Streisland had a popular tune “Don’t rain on my parade” You know where I’m going with this. Perhaps there’s a tick box on the race licence form that defaults to wet unless the dry box is ticked.

 At least the rain had ceased by the time the race began and some of the recorded times were similar to previous runs.

 Paul Douglas of Leighton Buzzard AC posted the fastest time of the evening with a time of 19:45.

First lady to finish was one of our regulars, Patricia Thomas of Ealing Southall & Middx AC in 22:45.

 A commendable run was by Jane Sauer of Leighton Buzzard AC (running friend of the winner) whose “gun time” recorded at 30:26 but her real time was considerably faster. She was late and started 7 minutes 30 seconds after everyone else. She caught the sweeper at 2km.

 However Jane was not so fast out of the car park at the end as she could not get the car started. Fortunately a team of willing runners, including a ranger who also ran, took to giving her a hefty push and the docile machine burst into life.

 Despite the weather the attendance was up on the first run with some no-shows. Well done every body and we’ll meet again on the 10th July.


Position Actual Time Surname   Age
1 00:19:45 Douglas Paul M40 Leighton Buzzard AC
2 00:19:57 Devlin Giles SM Fetcheveryone
3 00:20:15 Parsons Steve M40 Runnymede Runners
4 00:20:20 Hawkes Tim SM WSEH
5 00:21:17 Luff Tom SM Unattached
6 00:21:38 Harrap Paul SM RAF High Wycombe AC
7 00:21:51 Butler Patrick M40 Purple Patch Runners
8 00:21:57 Dyer Michael M50 Unattached
9 00:22:16 Furness Peter M50 Hayes and Harlington Roadrunners
10 00:22:45 Thomas Patricia W45 Ealing Southall & Middx
11 00:22:55 Jones Carol W55 Ealing
12 00:23:29 Bushby Paul M40 Marlow Striders
13 00:23:51 Moody Margaret W55 Handy Cross Runners
14 00:23:55 Wells Steve M50 Cleethorpes & District AC
15 00:24:01 Rose Craig SM Unattached
16 00:24:05 Griffin Leah W35 Handy Cross
17 00:24:12 Smith Daniel SM Unattached
18 00:24:20 Madill Matthew SM Unattached
19 00:24:36 Breagan Steve M40 Unattached
20 00:24:48 Kirby Lisa W35 Unattached
21 00:25:14 Allen Charles M50 Unattached
22 00:25:18 Walker Jennifer SW GX Running sisters
23 00:25:51 Neal Gregory M50 Watford Harriers
24 00:25:56 Burrell Matthew SM Unattached
25 00:26:10 Gascoigne Ian M50 Unattached
26 00:26:15 Allen Barbara W55 Datchet Dashers
27 00:26:23 Pope Andy M40 Unattached
28 00:26:29 Davidson Sharon W35 Purple Patch Runners
29 00:27:03 Watkins Glyn M50 Metros RC
30 00:27:27 Plummer Jonathan M40 Unattached
31 00:27:37 Manning Keith M40 Unattached
32 00:27:42 Davidson Ann W55 Unattached
33 00:28:25 Jupp Jennie W55 Unattached
34 00:28:35 Pritchard Maria SW WSEH
35 00:28:35 Whitby Bente W55 Unattached
36 00:28:45 Cornell Carol W45 Unattached
37 00:30:26 Sauer Jane W35 Leighton Buzzard AC
38 00:30:46 Pope Melanie W45 Unattached
39 00:31:00 Walker Paula W55 Gerrards Cross Running Sisters
40 00:31:38 Parkes Philip M60 Unattached
41 00:31:42 Merritt Tony M70 Burnham Joggers
42 00:31:50 Davidson John M60 Purple Patch Runners
43 00:36:53 Ward Jessica SW Adventure Bootcamp Marlow And Henley
44 00:36:55 Gvozdic Daniella W35 Unattached
45 00:40:42 Homar Ian M50 Chalfont Tri