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Tuesday 5       8 00 pm           Making the Best Use of a Greenhouse, Cloches and Frames

Brian Fisher, a popular local horticultural lecturer, returns to give us his latest talk on using these valuable horticultural aids.


Tuesday 5        7 15 pm           AGM 

                          8 00 pm          On Top and Almost in Control – Tales from a Very Small Garden 

Timothy Walker, lecturer in Plant Sciences at Somerville College, returns to talk about creating a garden from scratch. There are many different choices and the site will have an influence but do you have just herbaceous plants, just shrubs, or a mixture?  Do you need a lawn or a pond?  Do you care about colour or one particular group of plants such as ferns?  What about wild-flower borders, growing British native species and encouraging wildlife?  His latest talk looks at all the options and is based on his own new small garden.


Tuesday 2       8 00 pm           A Bulb For All Seasons

Chris Day of Buckingham Garden Centre will explore the whole area of bulbs as far as planting, displaying, associating and growing them in your garden. The bulb talk is prop driven with plenty of practical stuff too!

Sunday 7       2 00 – 4 30 pm SPRING SHOW at Stewart Hall


Tuesday 7        8 00 pm          Wonderful Healthy Herbs

Paul Patton, a horticultural consultant, writer, speaker and broadcaster , will give us tips on how to grow & enjoy all types of herbs in the garden, containers & kitchen. He covers herb teas & other drinks as well as herbs to attract bees, butterflies & other pollinators. He also explores herbs in history, sending a billet douce and pot pourri! 

Saturday 11     10 00 am          PLANT SALE at Ellesborough Village Hall, Butlers Cross

This is a great opportunity to buy locally grown perennials, vegetables and annuals. Come early - everything will be sold by about 11 am on past form.


Tuesday 4       8 00 pm            Plants And Climate Change

 Martin Hodgson, a plant scientist from Oxford Brookes University, will talk to us on this very topical subject.He is an Associate Member of the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford with over 100 publications to his name, mostly in international scientific journals.


Tuesday 2                               Evening Garden Visit: Kingsbridge At Steeple Clayton

Stunning 6 acre garden imaginatively created over the last 26 years with colour themed herbaceous borders, topiary yews and a natural stream with bog plants through woodland garden with many walks.

Sunday 7         2 00 – 4 30 pm   SUMMER SHOW at Stewart Hall. 


Sunday 1         2 00 – 4 30 pm   AUTUMN SHOW at Stewart Hall.

Tuesday 3       8 00 pm            Pin me to the wall and do what you want with me!  How to Choose and Manage Climbers and Wall Shrubs

Andrew Mikolajski, a horticultural consultant, writer and speaker returns to discuss how to make the most of climbers and wall shrubs.


Tuesday 1       8 00 pm            The Garden in Autumn and Winter

Margaret Easter, an experienced photographer and speaker, talks to us about what to grow so that there are always some plants flowering from September to early March. The talk is based mainly on the plants grown in her Hertfordshire plantsman's garden.


Tuesday 5       8 00 pm            Two Poppies - the Field or Remembrance Poppy and the Opium Poppy

This talk, by Professor Sandy Primrose, scientist and author, will describe how these poppies impact our lives today and those of our servicemen and servicewomen.


Tuesday 3   8 00pm                 Chiltern Woodlands

John Morris, Director of the Chiltern Woodlands Project, will give a general talk about the Chiltern woods, their history, management, archaeology and their ancient woodland flora.

Meetings are held at 8.00 pm every 1st Tuesday of the month (except January and August) at Stewart Hall, Little Kimble.  Although we pride ourselves on our expert speakers, all talks are very informal and are followed by refreshments and a raffle.   

Visitors are always welcome - do come and try one of our meetings.  If you decide you would like to join please make yourself known to any Committee member or contact Brian Butler at  Please see our website for further information.