Ickford v Tiddington Tug "O" War over the river

It started in 1953, Coronation Year, a challenge between two farmers 

 John Bull and Alec Neil. 

Tiddington (Oxon) wins the tug-of-war against Ickford (Bucks) across the river Thame, the county boundary

Coronation Day 1953 - Drawing by Phyllis Floud


TIDDINGTON (Oxon) wins the tug-of-war against ICKFORD (Bucks) across the river Thame, the county boundary.


Since then, every first Friday in August, two teams pull on opposite banks of the river Thame. Buckinghamshire against Oxfordshire and the evening ends with one team being hauled into the water.  This used to be followed by a dance in the Village Hall.


Original rules !

1. Before the contest each year 3 men from Ickford and 3 men from Tiddington get together and form a Tug-Of-War Committee.

2. There will be 8 men in each team.

3. The men shall either reside or to have been born in their respective villages.

4. An umpire -or official starter- will be in the middle of the river to start the contest

5. Each team will be 5 yards from the river at the start of the pull.

6. A white handkerchief will be tied to the rope in the middle of the river.

7. The Cup cannot be won outright.

8. No spikes must be worn in boots.

9. Contestants must be fully clothed.

10. The losers must buy the winners 1 dozen pint bottles of beer and pay for the inscription on the Cup.            

11. Ten per cent of the total proceeds must be put by each year for the rope fund.

12. It is the responsibility of each village alternately to provide someone to present the Cup and run the T.O.W dance.


 Tiddington was the winner in 2014 

Updated Results : Tiddington 29wins - Ickford 32 wins

2012 saw the 60th Anniversary of the annual Icford v Tiddington Tug "O" war over the river.