minutes 3rd June 2015

       Minutes of the Meeting of Ickford Parish Council held on Wednesday 3 June 2015 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm


Present:Councillor Ruth Baker

Councillor Andrew Brunet

Councillor Barbara Kolbert

Clerk – Ann-Marie Davies


Plus 3 residents 




  1. Election of Chairman following recent resignation of current Chairman – Councillor Kolbert proposed Councillor Brunet as Chairman. This motion was seconded by Councillor Baker. Councillor Brunet was elected Chairman and signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


  1. Open Forum for Parishioners: (under adjournment). A resident brought three issues to the attention of the Parish Council. First, the poor quality of the grass cutting to certain areas of the village. This was not considered acceptable, especially as the village had entered the Best Kept Village Competition and this was one of the elements being judged. The Chairman asked for this matter to be dealt with under item 9 on the agenda.


Second, the rubbish left in the play area following the recent football tournament. The Clerk was asked to contact the Team Manager to request the removal.ACTION: AMD


Lastly, the resident asked if the Parish Council would consider funding football goal nets to the playing field. The Chairman said this would be brought back to a future meeting as an agenda item for discussion and emphasised that this did not mean it had been accepted.


  1. To note apologies for absence: to accept apologies for absence – Apologies were received from District Councillor Michael Rand. Regrettably the Parish Council had also received a written resignation from Councillor Jim Green.


  1. To agree any Co-opted Members onto the Parish Council and receive their signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Register of Interest Forms – None of the residents present wished to be co-opted onto the Parish Council at this time. Councillors resolved to further advertise the vacancies in the Ickford Informer and in the Village Shop.


  1. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: to declare any interests – The Chairman declared his interest for item 10 on the agenda as the property was in his ownership.


  1. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on 13 May 2015 – The minutes were agreed and signed as a true record. 


  1. To update on matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting and agree any further actions required. 


Councillor Kolbert reported that she had spoken to Chris Hall, the contact she had been given for improvements to the village website. Unfortunately the option put forward was to use Facebook for the village website. This was not felt to be the right option for the Parish Council as it could be restrictive to those residents not on Facebook. This item would be discussed under item 13 later in the agenda.

The Chairman asked for the previously circulated highways issues list to be circulated to him.



The Chairman agreed to follow up the issue of the failing cherry trees to the corner of Golders Close with Joan Field.ACTION: AB


Councillors thanked Jenny and Richard Butler for the work they had carried out to improve the Millennium garden. 

It was felt that the Bucks University offer should also be followed up for additional works. Councillor Baker would make contact with them following details being sent through by the Clerk.ACTION: AMD/RB


The ongoing issue of the streetlamp outside 10 Turnfields was discussed. Two columns are now in situ. The bent column has a lit lamp whilst the new column is not operational. The Clerk would contact the lighting contractor and ask him to deal.ACTION: AMD


  1. To discuss future format of meetings and objectives for the Parish Council for the next four years  

Four Year Plan.Whilst this item was on the agenda, the Chairman suggested that a) it was too soon in the term of the new Parish Council to be setting any objectives until wider consultation had been carried out and b) There was only three Councillors making up the Council at this point in time and he would advise waiting until the other four vacancies had been filled. He would hope that by September, firm proposals could be brought back to the Parish Council for them to adopt. He suggested this item could be discussed in more detail under item 9

Public Participation. Councillor Baker advised that other Parish Councils allowed for public participation on issues under discussion however this was subject to the Chairman’s agreement. Others allowed for comment after the Parish Council meetings had closed. In terms of the future format of meetings, the Chairman suggested that this too could be considered by means of a briefing paper written by a Councillor, and brought back to the next meeting to be considered for incorporated into the Councils Standing Orders.



  1. To decide whether to adopt the Councillor and Officer Protocol previously distributed – Due to the reasons given under 5, Councillors resolved to defer this item at this time. The Chairman agreed to bring back a paper suggesting proposals to the next meeting.



  1. To review and discuss the Standing Order template previously sent and adjust as appropriate for the Parish Council - Due to the reasons given under 5, Councillors resolved to defer this item at this time. The Chairman agreed to bring back a paper suggesting proposals to a future meeting.ACTION: AB


  1. To decide whether to appoint representatives to outside bodies e.g. Haddenham & Long Crendon LAF – Buckinghamshire County Council has established 19 Local Area Forums, Ickford Parish Council is one of 15 parishes that make up theHaddenham & Long Crendon Local Area Forum. The LAF agree local priorities such as Teenagers and community services, Traffic calming, and support for older people to live in their homes. Councillors recognised its value and should attend future meetings. The Clerk was asked to advise the LAF Co-ordinator that all three Councillors would like to attend future meetings as and when they were available and also would like to be included on future emails. 



  1. To appoint Committees/Working Groups for projects identified by the Parish Council – 


Councillors discussed the various committee/working group options. Working Groups are not subject to the strict rules that apply to formal council meetings and do not need to be held in public. A working party cannot make a decision on behalf of the council, but they can explore options and present these to the council for a decision.


Further to the item in the Open Forum regarding the state of verges in the village due to poor grass cutting, the Chairman suggested a working group was formed whose focus was to look at ‘Village Maintenance and landscaping’. The Chairman agreed to head up this working group and Richard Butler a local resident agreed to assist him in this undertaking.ACTION: AB


The Clerk agreed to locate the bespoke information/offer from Bucks County Council regarding the devolvement of this service to Ickford and forward to the Chairman to assist with his research.ACTION: AMD  


  1. Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendationsand to include those planning applications received after this agenda is published, if urgent: 


15/01555/ACL – 39 Golders Close, Ickford, Buckinghamshire, HP18 9JA – Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for extension and conversion of existing garage into a utility room with a new door and rooflight and back door converted to a window


The Chairman had to remove himself from the meeting as he had declared an interest in this item. This action resulted in the Parish Council not being quorate and therefore this item could not be discussed or any recommendation made. The Clerk was asked to inform the District Council.ACTION: AMD


  1. Finance:
    a) To draw cheques


Due to issues with changing the bank signatory mandate prior to this meeting, cheques had been signed, with agreement, between meetings. The list is as follows:-


BALCchq 473      £21.00  Training -7 Good Councillor Guides

Clerk pay & expchq 474    £289.06Administration

AON UK Ltdchq 475£1243.078Insurance - 1st Year of 3 year plan



The Council resolved to draw the following cheques at the meeting:


Playdalechq 477£1137.31Maintenance – Play equipment repairs

Clerks pay & expchq 478£121.23Administration

Ickford Village Hallchq 479£120.00 Administration – Room hire 2014/15


b) To decide who will follow up changes to Bank Mandate signatory process – The Chairman agreed to speak to the outgoing Chairman Joan Field to try and update the bank signatory mandate.


c) To decide the new Terms and Conditions for the new Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer, including rates of pay and hours – Councillors agreed further work was needed to look into salary scales and hours of work before placing an advert onto the BMALC (Bucks & MK Association of Local Councils) website. In the interim period the Clerk agreed to stay on in the Parish Councils employ until after the July meeting. She agreed to forward relevant NJC payscale information to all Councillors.



  1. Update on Highways issues & Street Lighting
  1. To discuss issue raised by a local resident regarding overhanging vegetation onto pavements and the obstruction caused – This item had been dealt with since contact with the Parish Council. 


  1. To consider correspondence and other communications received since last meeting:
  1. Millennium Garden - To discuss arrangements to improve the Millennium Garden and appoint a contact to deal with Bucks University – As indicated earlier on in the minutes, Councillor Baker would act as the liaison with Bucks University.


  1. Defibrillator To discuss whether the Parish Council would continue to apply for funding from the British Heart Foundation for an AED and to appoint a contact to deal – Councillors agreed to continue with this application and Paul Farrell offered to act as the Nominated Person for the village. The Clerk would update the application with his details.



  1. Noticeboard To consider the request from the Village Shop to share the Parish Council noticeboard – Given the desire of the new Council to use the noticeboard to advertise interesting and informative topics going forward, Councillor Kolbert was asked to decline this request and apologise on behalf of the Parish Council and suggest that the shop could approach the Church to see if their side of the noticeboard could be utilised.ACTION: BK


  1. WebsiteTo consider the nomination for who will administer the Village website – Councillor Kolbert agreed to contact the outgoing Councillor with a view to taking over the administration.



  1. Parish Council Contact To appoint a nominated contact for both District and County Council in the interim gap between filling the position of Clerk – Not required at this stage as current Clerk still in post




  1. Community Responders South Central Ambulance Service are “looking for volunteers  to be part of this life saving scheme” Councillor Kolbert stated that the full details would be put into the next issue of the Ickford Informer



  1. Fields in Trust. Request for subscription renewal, details to be passed to Councillor Baker  for review



  1. To report on meetings attended on behalf of the Parish Council - None


  1. To agree the date of the next meeting – Date of next meeting agreed as Wednesday 1 July 2015 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall Annexe.



The meeting closed at 9.15pm




Signed:                    Date