13th May 2015


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Ickford Parish Council held on Wednesday 13 May 2015 in the Village Hall at 8pm followed by the Annual Meeting held at 8.30pm



Present:Joan Field Chairman

Ron RobertsVice Chairman

Paul FarrellCouncillor

Ruth BakerCouncillor

Barbara KolbertCouncillor

Roger Baker


Plus 5 residents





  1. To receive a report from the Chairman of the Parish Council – The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and read her report in full to those present. In the report she referred to the achievements of the Parish Council during her time as Chairman over the past eight years and gave thanks to them, the Clerk and the organisations who had worked in partnership with the Parish Council over that time.
  2. To receive reports from other Village Organisations – The Chairman had asked organisations in the village for an update on their year. Reports were received and read out from:- Ickford Allotments, WI, Friends of St Nicholas, Darby & Joan, Ickford School, Ickford Football Club, Pre-school, Ickford Village Hall and the St Nicholas Church. All organisations thanked the Parish Council for their support, financial and otherwise over the year.  




The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 



Before a new Chairman was elected, the outgoing Chairman dealt with Agenda items 11 & 12 


11. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 1 April 2015 – the minutes were signed and agreed as a correct record by Chairman Joan Field. 


12. To update on matters arising from the minutes of 1 April 2015 – The Chairman reported that she had met with the Local Area Technician and gone through a list of highway maintenance issues in the village previously circulated to members. The Clerk would circulate the list to new members. ACTION: AMD


The Clerk stated that she would follow up the installation of the new dog bin by Peacehaven Farm.


The Chairman agreed to follow up the issue of the two cherry trees thought to be dying with the Local Area Technician.ACTION: JF


Roger Baker stated that a resident called Chris Hall had done some work on setting up databases for the organisations within the village. Councillor Barbara Kolbert agreed to meet with him and Jackie Ellis had agreed to meet with one of the new Councillors to hand over administration of the website.ACTION: BK


The Chairman had not been contacted by Bucks University (BU) in regard to improvements to the Millennium Garden. The Clerk was asked to contact BU to find out if they were still able to help.ACTION: AMD


Following the quote from Playdale for improvement works to the play area, and previous agreement at last month’s meeting, the Chairman would advise them to go ahead with works and forward the invoice in due course. Further works to the zip wire edgings would be brought to future meetings.ACTION: JF





  1. Election of the Chairman of the Council and to receive the Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office, or, if not received, to decide when it shall be received – Following the outcome of the recent elections, only three Councillors had been elected to the Ickford Parish Council – Councillor Paul Farrell, Councillor Ruth Baker and Councillor Barbara Kolbert. Councillor Farrell and Councillor Baker both indicated they would like to stand as Chairman. Given the lack of Councillors available to propose and second, an agreement was reached where item 4, Co-option would take place prior to the Election of the Chairman. Jim Green and Andrew Burnet were duly co-opted onto the Parish Council and signed their Declaration of Acceptances, as did the newly elected Councillors Councillor Baker and Councillor Kolbert.

Councillor Kolbert proposed Councillor Farrell as Chairman and this was seconded by Jim Green. The Chairman signed his declaration of acceptance of office.


  1. Acceptance of Office: To receive the Uncontested ElectionCouncillor’s Acceptance of Office and Register of Interests – Covered under item 1.


  1. To note apologies for absence: Apologies were received from Andrew Castledine, Andrew Carr, Jackie Ellis and Andrew Osborn.


  1. Co-option: To agree on Co-option of Councillors and to receive their acceptance of office and Register of Interests – Co-option was covered under item 1. Councillor Baker agreed to put an advert into the Ickford Informer in order to advertise the two vacant Councillor posts.ACTION: RB


The Clerk handed out the Register of Interest forms and asked for them to be completed and brought back to the next meeting.ACTION: ALL


  1. To elect a Vice-Chairman of the Council to receive the Vice-Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office or, if not then received, to decide when it shall be received – Councillor Green proposed Councillor Baker and this was seconded by Councillor Kolbert. She was duly elected to the role of Vice Chairman. 


  1. To review and confirm the Councillor and Officer Protocols – The Clerk was asked to send copies to the two new Councillors for them to review. The item would be brought back to the next meeting.ACTION: AMD


  1. To appoint representatives to outside bodies – The Clerk was asked to bring this item back to the next meeting.


  1. To appoint committees / working groups - The Clerk was asked to bring this item back to the next meeting


  1. Open Forum Adjournment: to allow public participation – The previous Chairman told the group of the value of attending the Local Area Forum and how funding had been achieved to install new footways in the village and more recently to hopefully access a Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign for the village. She encouraged the new Council to think about attending future meetings which are only held once a quarter. Recent changes to Planning was also discussed and it was clear the service offered by the District Council was to be greatly reduced. Members were keen to keep this matter under close scrutiny going forward.

The Clerk was asked to contact the lighting contractor once again as the whole unit outside 10 Turnfields still needed replacing.ACTION: AMD


  1. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: to declare any personal or prejudicial interests - None.


  1. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 1 April 2015 – please see beginning of meeting.


  1. To update on matters arising from the minutes of 1 April 2015 – pleasesee beginning of meeting.


  1. Planning: To discuss planning applications and make recommendations: and to include those planning applications received after this agenda is published, if urgent: None.




  1. Finance: 


  1. To draw cheques – Due to issues with changing the bank signatory mandate prior to this meeting, cheques had been signed, with agreement, between meetings. The list is as follows:-


BALC chq 463£105.96

White Printchq 464£286.00

Cartwright Landscapeschq 465£340.14 

BALCchq 466£14.99

Clerk pay & expchq 467£342.73

BCC (MVAS)chq 468£420.00

Ickford Schoolchq 469£200.00

Cartwright Landscapeschq 470£415.68

White Printchq 471£215.00

Friends of St Nicholaschq 472£50.00



  1. To agree to sign off Section 1 and Section 2 of the Annual Return for the year ending 31 March 2015 – Following previous circulated year end accounts the Chairman signed off Sections 1 & 2 of the Annual Return. The Clerk brought to Councillors attention the fact that Ickford Parish Council had also been chosen through a 5% random sample to produce extra information such as risk assessments, for the External Auditors. It would take a while to assemble but the Clerk would action. The new Councillors asked for a copy of the year end accounts. The Clerk would forward to them.ACTION: AMD
  2. To update bank mandate with new Councillors - As the Clerk was not a signatory on the bank account the previous Chairman agreed to contact the bank to action the changes.ACTION: JF


  1. Update on Highways issues and street lighting – Covered earlier in the agenda under matters arising.
  2. To consider correspondence and other communications received since last meeting – The Clerk advised the group that Buckinghamshire County Council had set up their own Legal Advice Team called Buckinghamshire Law Plus which offered competitive rates to Parish Councils. The Clerk would keep on file for future reference. 


  1. To report on meetings attended on behalf of the Council – The Clerk reported that she had met with an officer from BCC to try and progress the MVAS for the village.
  2. To agree the date of the next meeting – Next meeting agreed as Wednesday 3 June 2015 with the earlier start time of 7.30pm.