Minutes of Council meeting 4th March 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Ickford Parish Council held on Wednesday 4th March 2015 in the Village Hall at 8.00pm.

Present : Joan Field Chairman, Ron Robert Vice-Chairman, Councillor Jackie Ellis, Andrew Osborne, District Councillor Mike Hawkett, Ann-Marie Davis Clerk.

Plus one resident.

1. Open Forum for Parishioners : (under adjournment). The resident raised a question as to the future of the Garrett tree which has a memorial plaque in situ and is due to be cut down. The Chairman and/or Councillor Osborn agreed to visit the site to ascertain the exact location of the tree.  Once know the Clerk will contact TFB to confirm the ownership and way forward. Action JF/AO/AMD

2. To note apologies for absence - Apologies were received from Councillors Paul Farrell and Roger Baker.

3. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda : none.

4. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on 4th February 2015. Minutes were signed and agreed as a correct record.

5. to update on matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting and agree any further actions required.

Following on from last month's meeting the ditches at the junction of Rocker Lane and Sheldon Road were still blocked.  Two local resident's name were put forward as possible contacts who could assist.  The Chairman agreed to visit them to ask for their help in the clearance of the ditches. The Clerk would liaise with the Chairman to find out which ditches were the responsability of TFB. Action JF/AMD

With Councillor Baker being absent from the meeting no update could be given on the improvement of the website.

Councillor Osborn agreed to seek a quote for the update of the Millenium Garden. Action AO

The Clerk was asked to report a pothole outside 64 and 66 Sheldon road by the alleyway. Action AMD

Discussion arose around the cost of the production of the Informer. First copy would be £ 230 and would be collected on 6th March for distribution.  The Parish Council agreed to provisionally budget £ 800 per annum which should cover four copies and would review the figure at the end of the year. Action AMD

The Clerk was asked to forward copies of planning applications through to Ruth Baker so they could be included in the Informer. Action AMD

In the interests of keeping local residents more informed about Parish Council business, Councillor Ellis agreed to also post the agendas onto the website. Action JE

6. Planning : to discuss planning applications and make recommendations and to include those planning applications received after this agenda is published, if urgent : none received.

7. Finance

a) to draw cheques. The Council resolved to issue the following cheques.

Clerk salary & expenses ch 458, £ 285.25 - Cartwright Lanscapes ch 459, £264.60 - Cartwright Lanscapes ch 460, £ 264.60 - Bucks best kept village ch 461, £ 15.00 -

8. Update on Highways issues and street lightning

a) to consider quote to undertake a tree condition survey. The Clerk reported that the last tree condition survey was back in June 2010 and cost £ 264.38. The new quote was for £ 295.00.  Councillors agreed that they were very happy with the last service provided by Complete Tree Services (UK) Ltd and given the minimal reise in costs authorised the Clerk to contact the company and agree the go ahead for a further survey. Action AMD

b) to discuss ongoing issue with Thames Water and drainage problems in the Village.  Following the disppointing response the Clerk had received from Thames Water in relation to any remedial drainage works taking place in the village, the Clerk was asked to send a reply which expressed frustation and disappointment that despite Thames Water carrying out an expensive survey, no modernisation to the system had been seen since installation in the 1950'. Action AMD

9. To consider correspondence and other communications received since last meeting.

a) to note approach from local company to take on maintenance and grass cutting in the village.  The Clerk reported that a local company had written to ask to be considered for maintenance and grass cutting contracts within Ickford.  The Clerk was asked to reply to the company to thank them for their interest and to let them know that for 2015 the contract had already been awarded but to invite them to apply for the following year. Action AMD.  The Clerck also reported that despite previously informing Buck County Council (BCC) that Ickford did not want to take on the devolved transportation activities, they had received a contract to sign in the post.  The Clerk was asked to contack BCC once again to advise them that Ickford Parish Council did not wish to take up this offer at the present time. Action AMD,  The Clerck was asked to put this item onto the agenda for Autumn time in order to review 2016/17. Action AMD

b) to note contact regardin the Alzheimer's Society regarding publicity in the village. The Clerk was asked to pass the information across to the Ickford Informer for them to include in a future publication. Action AMD

c) to decide whether to enter the Best Kept Village Competition.  Councillors agreed that the village should be entered into this competition.  A cheque for £ 15.00 entry was raised and the CLerk was asked to complete the necessary forms. Action AMD

10. To report on meeting attended on behalf of the Parish Council - none attended.

11. To agree the date of the next meeting - Wednesday 1st April 2015.

District Councillor Hawkett advised the group that given the boundary changes at AVDC he would no longer be representing Ickford after the May electiions.  He expressed his sincere thanks to Councillors and said he had thoroughly enjoyed his time working with them.  The Chairman on behalf of the Council thanked Councillor Hawkett and echoed his sentiment that they too had very much appreciated his continued support and involvement at all times.  The new District Councillor was expected to be Michael Rand.