3 New Starters

Introduction to the Group

Hughenden Art Group is a group of like minded individuals that like the opportunity to paint together, to share ideas, techniques, and the occasional social activity.

It does NOT provide formal classes, although we do have regular tutors and there are always plenty of experienced members willing to help and advise the less experienced.

If you are already a skilled painter we would also like the opportunity to learn from you, any hints, tips, or techniques that you are prepared to share would be gratefully received by the current members.

On Arrival

On arrival ask to be introduced to one of the committee members. He or she will ensure you are signed in and that you get all the necessary paperwork including a copy of the programme, new joiners form, etc. You will also have to part with some cash! See the membership section for costs.

What You Need

You will need to bring along paints, paper, brushes, a board on which to mount your paper, and other materials for the evenings activities. If there is a formal tutored activity you may need to bring along other materials, for example pastels, pastel paper, etc. The programme will normally indicate the medium to be used for tutored evenings, and other materials that may be needed, e.g. props, etc.


A stock of tea/coffee is available in the small hall kitchen. You are welcome to make tea or coffee at any time, although most members tend to break about 0830pm, mid way through the evening. Please help by keeping the kitchen area clean and tidy.

The library

The group has a selection of books which members may borrow. There is no charge to members who borrow books.  Make your selection and record your selection(s) in the "loans" book.

At the end of the evening

At the end of the evening members are asked to assist in putting away chairs and tables.