2 Membership


The Hughenden Art Group is open to all adults of any age, of any level of skill from the beginner to the very experienced. The group works in a variety of mediums with a strong bias towards watercolour and acrylic. Some members also work in pastel and/or inks.

The group charges an annual subscription. This is to ensure that the group has a guaranteed base income while providing a degree of flexibility to members that are unable to attend all meetings, or who wish to attend only specific meetings.

Prospective members may attend 3 consecutive meetings to decide if the programme content is appropriate before paying an Annual Subscription.  A charge will be made on these evenings.


The charges for the current year are set out below:

Annual Subscription £75-00p payable in January (No weekly fees).

Day Workshops - Members £20-00p.     Visitors £25-00p 

Open Evenings - Members Free.            Visitors £  4-00p