...you were thinking that the report from the HPC meeting implied that the skatepark project was dropped, et us reiterate the verbal report given to the parish council:

  • an important member of the skatepark committee has gone to work and live in London and is thereore unable to "front-up" the project
  • the council is coming to the end of its four-year span, and it is for the new council to take up the baton
  • new land is potentially coming available at Terriers Farm, being the shaded area located in the parish (see Noticeboard).

Such a proposal would receive the support of both youngsters seeking an outlet for their energies, their parents who would be spared the need to ferry their charges to Gt Missenden for example, and householders worried about the Rec.  

An excellent idea all round.

08:37, 06 Mar 2015 by Brian Mapletoft

The Parish Council meeting last night had a fin de siecle feel.  Some projects were wound up or abandoned, for example the skatepark and consultation exercise.  Some were confirmed, like the first stage of the replacement of the lights (Cedar Ave estate, due for completion by end April).  Others confirmed included the first stage of the renovation work at the Memorial Hall. 

Good ideas like the proposed Charitable Incorporated Organisation were in receipt of last minute amendments before the appointment of trustees and submission to the charities commission.  This is becoming time-critical.  Likewise the new container at the Rec, where approval at a decent price was received,  but the football clubs need to be on-side (no pun intended), before the order is placed.

A little exasperation crept in when the compromise proposal for the Bowls lease was itself subject to cheeseparing push-back.  A further compromise is now on the table.  Whether a lease will in fact be concluded is in the air still. 

Given that the annual parish meeting on 26 May would be under the new administration, the remit of the old council was queried in the various arrangements for that event.  It is simply hoped that goodwill will spill over into the new administation.

With the meeting concluding at seven minutes past twelve, no-one could accuse the council of not being conscientious. 


07:07, 04 Mar 2015 by Brian Mapletoft

We have just returned from a fabulous weekend in Margate, where the enthusiasm and inclusivity of the Ukip spring conference was infectious (see Noticeboard).

Strange that virtually the only coverage was of the ineffectual and slightly violent protests outside the Winter Gardens, and the unfounded rumours about the health of Nigel Farage.  After his recent trip to America the only thing he was suffering from if anything was a little jet-lag.

One thing is showed though.  With thirty inspiring speeches on a wide variety of topics, Ukip is not a single issue party, nor is it reliant on just one man.


21:47, 01 Mar 2015 by Brian Mapletoft