The HRA was founded sixty years ago, and was fading into atrophy until it wound up in early 2009.  Just six months later, we spontaneously reformed to defend our quiet residential area against threats to develop on the SWR School field an all-weather athletics facility with all that implied in terms of lighting, noise at night, traffic, ASB and security, and succeeded in defeating this intrusive plan of Wycombe District Council.  

Since our dramatic victory in this campaign we have determined to continue to fight for Hazlemere against entrenched vested interests in order to make this one of the best places to live in Buckinghamshire.  

We now have a significant presence on the Parish Council through members who have been elected as Independent PC representatives.  For the record, they are not mandated by nor do they take instructions from the HRA.  We have also fought elections for the district council, polling one third of the votes last time.

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