Residents are strongly recommended to regularly monitor the Planning Authority (AVDC) web site to keep abreast of planning proposals arising in the Parish.


A summary of selected, significantly large scale planning applications, considered likely to have significant impact on local infrastructure, can be seen attached to the minutes of Parish Council meetings as they arise.



Under Local Government legislation, Planning Authorities are the final decision makers in granting or refusing planning applications in their area. Whilst the decision of the Planning Authority is final locally, it may be appealed, to the National Government Inspectorate, by land owners/ developers but not by residents, the Planning Authority or by Parish Councils. Our 'Planning Authority' is Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) and Grendon Underwood Parish Council (GUPC) is a 'Planning Consultee' under the legislation for planning applications within Parish boundaries. The legislation puts an obligation onto the Planning Authority to seek the views of local residents, likely to be affected by any development, both directly through the AVDC web site and as expressed by a local legally empowered Consultee, usually the local Parish Council.

Whilst Planning Authorities are obliged to seek and consider the views of local residents, either directly or as expressed by their Consultees, they are under no obligation to approve them, incorporate them or accept them in any way.

How does this work for Grendon Underwood?

Aylesbury Vale District Council/ Planning (the 'Planning Authority') invites Grendon Underwood Parish Council (the 'Planning Consultee') to express local views for each application received - the options given being NO OBJECTIONS, SUPPORTS or OPPOSES (with clear reasons why). The Council normally has 21 days to make a reasoned response. Residents can access all planning applications currently under consideration by AVDC on their web site - link through this web site above - and the Parish Council would encourage all residents to regularly review applications arising in the Parish. Should you feel an application would affect you either positively or negatively, let the Council know using the contact form on this web site. Please note the closing date for responses and let Council know in sufficient time to meet the consultation deadline.

This in no way affects your right to express your views directly to AVDC as well through their web site.

How does the Council deal with an application?

For routine applications with minimal impact on the local community such as single dwelling change of use, extensions, conservatories, access requests etc, Councillors take a view on behalf of residents whilst taking due regard to any resident comment, if received in time, to also include all responses relating to the application as shown on the AVDC web site. This usually happens at a full meeting of Council or, if the closing date for comments is before the next meeting, by email circulation. Residents are encouraged to make representation at these meetings or make direct contact with Councillors if they have any concerns about an application.

For larger applications with a potential to result in significant impact on the local community, its infrastructure, environment or sustainabilty, the Council will apply their Planning Response Policy (available on the Policies page of this web site) and carefully weigh any benefits of the development against any risks to community cohesion or sustainabtlity. The Council may also arrange for a local public meeting if demand is sufficiently high. The outcome of their deliberations is entered onto the agenda for the next full Council meeting for ratification prior to submission to the Planning Authority - for the final decision to be made by them.

How can you be involved?

As a resident you can make representation directly to both AVDC (link above) and to the Parish Council either by contacting any Parish Councillor directly or by using the contact form on the Councillors page of this web site.

At Parish Council level your views will be considered before any representation is made to the Planning Authority on behalf of local residents.

At AVDC level your views will form part of the overall response from all sources and all interested parties to be balanced before the final decision is made.



The Proposed Submission of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan for period 2013 to 2033; issued November 2017 (PSVALP 2017) is under consideration by HMG Inspectorate and their findings will be open for public comments in Summer 2019.

Grendon Underwood Parish Council has commented on previous issues as follows; 

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