Meetings of the Parish Council take place on the last Tuesday of the month in the Committee Room of the Village Hall at 7.30 pm, unless otherwise stated. An Agenda will be published 3 clear days prior to a meeting both on this site and on the Village Hall noticeboard.

Our meetings are public, open meetings and the Chair usually sets aside a short period for residents of the Parish to address the Council. However, if any points raised are not already on the Agenda, Councillors may not have the necessary background information to allow them to discuss the matter at that meeting. But points raised will be placed on the Agenda for the following meeting.

If you need your matter to be discussed at the earliest opportunity, or you can't attend a meeting, email the Clerk at least 10 days before a meeting date with your question/query, for it to be considered for addition to the Agenda. If your matter becomes an Agenda item for when the Council next meets, it will be discussed and a decision made at that meeting. If it is considered inappropriate to be included to the Agenda for public discussion [such as for data protection concerns], you will be advised of the reasons why by email. So please make sure you include your email address with your query. You may also use the contact form in this web site too, if you prefer.

Members of the public cannot participate in the meeting except at the discretion of the Chairman.

Draft minutes will be published normally within 3 working days of the meeting.

Minutes that have been agreed at a Parish Council meeting will be published normally within 2 working days of the meeting.

Minutes are required to be held indefinately and older minutes can be found on the Archive page.


MEETINGS SHEDULE; Financial Year 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019




24 April 2018 - full General Meeting



30 May 2018 - Annual Parish Meeting

Chairs Report

RFO Report

Police Report

Village Hall Report

Bucks CC Report

Church thanks

Village Hall thanks

30 May 2018 - Annual Parish Council Meeting











 26 June 2018 - full General Meeting

Meeting Brief - Speeding


 31 July 2018 - full General Meeting


 August - no meeting by agreement 


 25 September 2018 - full General Meeting


24 October 2018 - Extraordinary full council meeting

30 October 2018 - full General Meeting




 27 November 2018 - full General Meeting


 December - no meeting by agreement 


 29 January 2019 - full General Meeting


 26 February 2019 - full General Meeting


 26 March 2019 - full General Meeting