Members of your Parish Council are elected to represent the interests of the whole community. The current duly elected members of your Parish Council are listed below. In the interests of open & transparant local government, your Council believes in the right of residents of the Parish to contact their elected representatives directly. If you have any comments or questions please come along to a meeting to find out what we are doing and how you can have your say in local matters. Or, alternatively, use the contact box here or the emails below as we are always pleased to hear any constructive comments & ideas.

Kim Moloney - Chair - email

Andrew Benfield - Vice Chair - email                       

Mike Hedgecox - Personnel - email

Andrew Shepherd - email

Helen Mackenzie - email

Paul Jackman - email

Sam Howe - email 

Your Parish Councillors are elected in the Parish Council election or co-opted onto the Parish Council.  The unpaid Councillors are here to represent you.

The Council is required by statute to employ a paid Responsible Officer, (sometimes also called The Clerk &/or The Responsible Financial Officer), an employee reporting directly to elected Councillors and able to advise on legal matters, assist in the administration & financial governance of the Council's business. 

If the Parish Council is not the correct Authority to deal with your query, we will help you find the correct one and can represent you if necessary.

Beside the Parish Council you have a District Councillor and a County Councillor to represent you.



Angela Macpherson Councillor Angela Macpherson                               

  County Councillor Grendon Underwood division

  Leader Aylesbury Vale District Council

   District Councillor Marsh Gibbon ward
 Phone:  01296 738818

 BCC email: 

  AVDC email:        



District Councillor Cameron Branston                     District Councillor Cameron Branston              


  Phone:  01844 201675

  Mobile:  07961 692632